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    Which superhero you like ?

    In our chikdhood we have mostly watched animated serious on television.We came across superheroes and we remembered them till many years. Now also when we see them we remember our days of childhood and we remember the thoughts which used to get accumulated in our minds while thinking about them.
    My favourite superhero series was ' He-man' and it was exciting to hear him saying his unique catch-phrase ,' I am the master of the universe , I am He-man.' in a unique way.
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    Even I used to like "He-man". It was nice to watch him fighting with skeleton.

    Now a days I like to watch chota bheem and Doremon they both are my favourites and would like to have a power like them.


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    As the days changes, the character of super heroes also changes. He man was really a impressive character of those days and even elders used to watch the same because children force us to watch along with them. Now as Sanjeev said new characters like Bheem and Doremon taking center stage and since the characters and cartoons are made to speak in local languages , children are for more happiness and along with them we are also treated. But for me nothing comes best than the Spider man. The friendly neighborhood Spider man. Its a class in itself and no one can resist.
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    I liked He-man too because the show had nothing to do with Earth as we know it. There are aliens, magic, advanced weaponry etc So all threats seem distant and makes the show more digestible. I used to and even now do watch a lot of shows. I guess Avatar the last airbender is my favorite show. The protagonist has the power to bend all four elements. If you never watched the show, please do. It teaches a tons of stuff all along.
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