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    Suggestion to editors

    In this thread, I am asking about the working pattern of editors. Since this website has the tagline as "Learn to earn, earn to learn", an editor's work would be complete only if he/she corrects the mistakes of the members. I know that there are mistakes in my writings and like me, most of the members of ISC may be having only the basic knowledge of English. If any mistakes are there, please rectify it. Then both, ISC and the members, can benefit by getting knowledge and revenue.

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    Wow nice suggestion from the author. I am also seconding the thoughts of Charyulu that instead of deleting the post, let the editors make correction and suggest remedies through personal message and for that work, let them share the revenue generated between the two. This is a good offer. Moreover, the members wont feel dejected that their entries are deleted and next time they would be doubly sure to mention rightly. And editors should not feel the time constraints for doing this favor as they are going to be benefited monetary wise apart from the regular eligibility of cash credits from the ISC.
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    Charyulu, editors can help only those members who contribute contents here. A visit to your scoreboard shows that you have submitted only one job and one thread, which is the present one, during the past one month.

    I would like to remind you of the number of PMs that has been sent to you suggesting ways to improve your contents and the language. You have been advised similarly in the various requests and suggestions that you have been occasionally posting.

    Editors cannot be expected to keep on correcting mistakes in all the posts when a member does not appear to be interested in improving himself. One should make an effort to learn so that mistakes are not repeated. I am not saying so because you made this suggestion but because that is the fact.

    I once again suggest you understand the requirements of this site and remain active by contributing to the forum as threads or responses as per guidelines. Check the contents you have posted to see whether any corrections have been made and note the corrections and ensure that you don't repeat the same again.

    Mohan, please do not encourage such impractical suggestions with the Wow factor. Editors seldom delete threads due to spelling or grammar mistakes in them; more often such actions are taken due to other reasons of which you too may be aware. Editors do make corrections as and when possible and where it can be done.

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    Deletion of a thread may not be due to grammar or spelling mistakes. That may be due to the content and the way it is presented. I feel it is not a school to teach us the basics. We should have our own interest and learn the things on our own. We will be getting some alerts and suggestions from Editors regarding our posts and we have to go through and try to implement. This is how we have to learn on this site. I feel it is not practicable for somebody to read and correct each and every post by a few people.
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    Dear editor, your opinion is correct. Here, I am saying that most of the members have knowledge of English using simple sentences in the articles or in forums. Sometimes, They use long sentences. In that, sometimes meaning may be changed. You corrected my forum thread. It looks so nice because of the correct framing of sentences look attractive. Like that it is good if the editors support the members to increase the interest in English. I requested that one. Even though the editing is slow, that encourages many members to adhere to this site to work on it a long time

    Here is the example without correct and giving guidance to one my jobs
    Reason: Insufficient information, adhere to the instructions given in your previous job posts if not your job posting rights may be withdrawn

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    Those who are checking their writings with apps like Grammerly will get the mistakes corrected before the submission. This is a good way to ensure that mistakes do not reach the editors.

    As regards the content, the editors have to follow the ISC policies in the matter and as contributing members we do not have any say on that.

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    In my opinion its the content which should be checked by the editors rather than checking the grammar. Yes grammar is also important as being an English site the content should be written in a proper language.

    Although I believe more weightage is to be given to the content. Meaningless and irrelevant posts put the reputation of the site down.


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    This thread would have been locked if not for a response from Mohan.

    @Sanjeev, grammar, and spelling are equally important as the content. Do keep a note when you post.

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    I do not think it is the editors' job to correct grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Will that not amount to spoon feeding? The effort has to come from you. You will never learn if someone else keeps correcting your mistakes.

    And it is not difficult to improve your skills. If you have a keen interest, you can watch and learn from others. I do not want to take names, but over the years, I have seen a mercurial rise in at least one member's performance. Their grasp of the language has improved tremendously and reading their posts now you will never guess that they struggled with the language in the initial years.

    Try, make an effort, push yourself, instead of taking the easy way out. In another post you asked for your account to be deleted – that shows you do not have the will to learn. You want just the benefits – through Adsense - and expect others to make it possible, for you to earn.

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