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    Are we losing civility in our homes?

    History is witness to the change in civilization and culture. There are paradigm shifts in some of the crucial areas of human societies.

    Our home environment is also much affected in his regard. There was a time when every home had some particular way of life where people respected and concerned for each other as per their place in the family.

    It was a usual thing to take blessings of elders in festival times or other auspicious household functions. Elders also took greater responsibilities in running the household.

    The modernisation has casted a toll even on the civility existing in our homes to the extent that people living under same roof are behaving indifferently with each other. The love and affection is replaced with materialistic interests. Lack of security and support is inducing depression in suceptible people and everyone is feeling insecure in one way or other.

    The absence of basic respect, love and affection has converted many of the homes to ordinary dwelling units.

    Most of the families are in the process of converting from joint to nuclear one. We are slowly losing the civility from our homes.
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    I do not think the family members losing their affection towards each other. The changing circumstances are making it very difficult to live together as a joint family. The children and others in the family are moving away to new places for education, job or business. All the family members are not in a position anymore to meet often. Due to developments in communication methods, we are now more in touch with our family members. Whenever possible the family members try to meet in person. The respect and affection towards each other are not lost. The children always take the blessings from the elders by contacting them or visiting them.
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    Nice thread from the author connecting to the tow topic. Yes we are losing the civility in modern homes. People does not want advises, they want to live and surge on their own without elders help. The families which were united either too are looking for green pastures by separating from the main family. Some techies who have the chance of going out of country for job transfers are immediately accepting the same so that they can avoid the joint family melee. Nevertheless once they go out and try to strive on their own, then only they could come to the idea of how good is the joint family and how the children would reared with confidence among the guidance of the elders. Gone are the days when the children living abroad would visit the parents and now they have discontinued that habit also and only talk over the video phone calls.
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    The picture is not very serious as expressed by the author, I feel. Still, the common family concept is there and respecting the elders in the family has not vanished completely. But there is small change. These days young people are gaining knowledge through internet and other facilities existing. So they are getting ideas about various issues and they are acquiring the experience of how to react in different situations. But when this facility is not there young people are more dependent on the guidelines that are given by the seniors or elders.
    The concept of the word 'Elder" is changed know. Simply aged people can't be considered as elders and their ideas and suggestions need not be followed blindly. But respecting them and taking their blessings is always the desired one only. So my personal opinion is if we have a better knowledge about an issue we can proceed as per our ideas instead of depending on elders.

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    It is not completely lost. It is still evident in many homes but there is a fear among elders that it may go away in the coming days. Times are changing, so are the situations, nowadays we see less interaction between parents and children in many families resulting in different complexities. To maintain a good relationship, the parents and their children must jointly participate in family gatherings. It is the responsibility of all the family members to keep the beautiful family ties intact.

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    It is true that the average family atmosphere has deteriorated with time. Still in some families it is very good and cordial.

    So it depends and varies from family to family. To some extent it also depends on the elders how they are managing the atmosphere with their cordial and leadership qualities.

    The new generation is not as careful as the people earlier were but we have to take these things with a pinch of salt.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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