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    Is there a change in mindset for keeping cleanliness?

    We all know that cleanliness is one of the most important thing in a premises or a city or a village. Only thing is in a populated place it is difficult to maintain cleanliness as it not only requires the management to get it done but also cooperation from the citizens.

    In our country everyone knows that their is big problem of handling and disposing garbage.

    If we analyze the present status it seems that their is a change in the thinking of general public and awareness for cleanliness is increasing. The mindset is getting transformed slowly to keep our surroundings green and clean.

    The present leadership in our country may be a motivating factor in this matter. Whatever be the reasons this is a welcome change.

    What do you think about this?
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    It is true that now-a-days, we can see more clean roads.Cleanliness at home is observed; but cleanlineas at roads and streets comes under cleanliness of the city. Few years back , people used to throw away wrappers and carriers of eatables on road while traveling in the bus ,train or while walking on road without thinking too much. But now most of us carry separate small bags so that if dustbin ia not nearby we can collect eatable waste and later on dispose in dust bins. This habit is so much obaerved that throwing something on road seems unusual and unethical. But I think there should me more number of dustbins on roadside put up by the government and also a label should be put up 'No spitting in the dustbin'.

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    Few among many good things can now be seen on the surface & this can be the proud moment for all of us. Along with cleanliness this government has also reintroduced "YOGA" in a big momentum, which too had a negligence favor from the past many governments. In terms of cleanliness, it's not the case that this found out to be of drastic change but at least we evident of this everywhere with many goods postures from numbers of individuals. The sanitation has been one of such drives from the present government which has attracted a good result on an overall basis. These little contributions from each one of us is good which will for sure extend the impact to multifold. Expecting more such initiatives from the current ruling governments with more involvement of others & at the same time felling our nation proud.

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    It is correct that lot of initiatives have been taken by the present dispensation and we have seen ministers actively participating in different cleanliness drives across the country. It helps to motivate people but at the same time a proper disposal mechanism must be in place. The author has rightly mentioned that we face a problem in disposing of garbage and we have seen the legal fraternity issuing guidelines regarding disposal of garbage also. The mindset of people are changing in cities, though slowly, but in villages lot more initiatives need to be taken.

    When people are habituated of littering it needs awareness along with penal measures to change their habit. After the cleanliness drive, many localities are employing new garbage disposal techniques and people are participating actively to get rid of the wastes. But not all local bodies are active, in such scenarios people also do not bother much and littering in the same way. If they are questioned they will tell you the lack of disposal mechanism behind this mess. Where the garbage disposal mechanism is working efficiently, the government can impose fines on the offenders which may work positively to keep that area clean.


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    Yes. It is true. There is an improvement in the awareness of the public about the necessity of the cleanliness. This may be due to the initiative taken by the BJP government as Swachbharat.
    Recently during my visit to Vyshnavodevi, I observed a lot of improvement in many public places like markets, railway stations and even at airports also. In many places, separate dustbins for wet waste and dry waste are kept and people are using them as desired. General public stopped throwing waste anywhere and everywhere they like. Even in railway coaches, I find a lot of improvement with people coming and collecting the waste like in flights. Toilets in coaches also kept neat and clean.
    But still, there is a long way to go. In big cities still, there are some areas where improvement is required. In many colonies, streets are not kept neat and the waste from the houses is just thrown on the streets. This attitude has to come down.

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    The various initiatives by Govt have motivated the public and now there is greater awareness in this area.

    Cleanliness is not one day job. It requires continuous and sustained efforts. Sufficient manpower and dedicated task force are required to cope up with this challenge.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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