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    The term “civility” in definition & in conduct: - Are we losing it?

    The term "civility" can be referred to as a "formal politeness & courtesy in behavior or speech". If we assume this as more or less perfect than most probably we have lost a huge part in our routine lives & this being the case irrespective of social, political or on religious grounds. In a positive note we can assume this as this getting more orientations towards professionalism which is completely based on profit & loss statement from our conducts but on the other hand we are getting far from being a responsible citizen & on moral grounds too which should have been considered as the first priority for each one of us.

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    It is rightly mentioned that civility has to be the top priority, but unfortunately in many cases it is not. The situations everywhere are changing and the advancements in many spheres are happening in an exponential rate, but at the same time people are becoming less tolerant.

    Since all the means of a comfortable life are within the reach of many nowadays, many people treat others who do not have the capability to enjoy all the comforts in a poor way. So, in a place where the means of comfortable life is not much available people start to neglect the place and the inhabitants staying there. This may be one of the reasons of this impolite behavior. There are lot many instances of rude behavior, but it is hard to understand why people choose to be so impolite.


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    Yes, you are right! We are just assuming that we are going to be civilised with the passage of time. But when we look at our environment and community, we come to know that where is the civilization? People are still abusing each other, people are still trying to hurt others with their way of talk.

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