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    Has the online world's cloak of anonymity led to a decline in civilized behaviour?

    It is true that the creation of e-space, namely a world online, has shrunk the world in the sense that it allows us to communicate with each other no matter which part of the globe we are in. It has created, too, social media sites and forum platforms wherein we can interact with each other via our keyboards. Admittedly, it is exciting to give our opinions and does help us to understand other's views on a wide variety of topics.


    Does the cloak of anonymity which the online world drapes over us make us more uncivilized? Consider this: we are on virtual platforms. We are unlikely to meet face to face. Is this why we think it is perfectly Ok to be discourteous? Is this why we make cutting, often extremely rude remarks? Is this why cyber bullies are on the rise?

    We spit out our words any which way, not caring two hoots about the emotional impact it creates on the recipient. Do we think - oh, well, they are not verbal words, it does not matter?

    In face to face conversations, we may be less likely to be impertinent or downright uncouth, but something about being comfortably cocooned within the online quilt of anonymity is what perhaps brings out all that boorish, uncivilized behaviour.
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    A thoughtful thread. The cloak of anonymity works as a psychological factor and many people may think what they are doing is limited to a space where nobody from the real world will interfere. This may be another reason of so many fake profiles in social media. On one hand they try to glorify themselves by posting regular updates about themselves, one the other they are engaged in misdeeds from the fake profiles.

    Uncivilized behaviour is somehow connected to intolerance. There are people who think what they are doing is always correct and to proclaim that they try to demean others by behaving with them in uncivilized way. While online medium is the place where intolerance can be shown in most uncivilized way, people afraid to do it to that extent in face to face communication fearing instant backlash.


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    It is true that the online medium is used as a tool to express our views very rudely without thinking about the feelings of the recipient. Here people can't meet each other directly and can't exchange views on the spot. So people take too much liberty. If it is face to face, there is every chance the other person can also start abusing and the whole issue will become complicated, So many people will not dare to do it.
    But one should not try to hurt the feelings of the other person by using very harsh words and they can communicate their feelings in a decent and mild way so that the other person will take the advice positively. This uncivilised behaviour and not showing respect towards others may be due to the overconfidence one has and jealousy feeling of other's growth, I feel.

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