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    Do you follow the guidelines?

    It is necessary to follow guidelines. Whether you are driving the car, crossing the road, writing an exam or posting in ISC, you have to follow the guidelines for each case. There are possibilities of facing legal hurdles, in many cases, if you do not follow the guidelines. It is not necessary that guidelines are issued to enforce certain rules of the land, they are also used to make you aware of the things you are doing in the best possible way.

    Let me clarify it with an example. When you purchase any new device, whether a washing machine, microwave oven, mobile device or anything that has a specific purpose of use, you get the instruction manual with them. Even a frying pan or a pressure cooker of a branded company comes with the instruction manual. This instruction manual is basically a set of guidelines that are to be followed for the optimum performance of that device. There are examples where you will find people asking their friends or calling you up to know certain functionalities of a device that is clearly mentioned in the instruction manual. From these questions it is understood that the person has not gone through the instruction manual.

    I have seen that if instruction manuals do not contain the warranty certificates, many times they find a place in the waste bin. There is a tendency among many people not to read the instruction manual or follow the guidelines. They work from a general perception which may not be logical every time for which they land in trouble. It is not always true that people are intentionally violating guidelines; there are many instances where it is found that people are not aware of the guidelines also. So, the best practice is to follow the necessary guidelines whenever you are working on something new for the first time.
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    Sankalan Bhattacharya,

    There are a good number of aspects to this very interesting topic. First off, with reference to reading the instruction manual for a gadget or appliance, I would like to point out that the print of a majority of the manuals are so minuscule that it is very hard to read. That is why we ask friends and relatives for guidance! When there were telephone directories (yes, those fat tomes!), my Dad bought a large sized magnifying glass just to read the small print of a person's contact number. That magnifying glass has since been extremely useful. We use it to read the fine print on various things, including instruction manuals.

    Secondly, with reference to an exam, yes, it is imperative to follow the guidelines. If it is clearly stated that one should choose any two topics out of three for an essay, then this should be followed. There are students who just skim over the question and write only one essay instead of two, thereby losing out a good number of marks.

    As for an online portal, yes, not adhering to guidelines can get one into trouble, ranging from a mild reprimand which is like a light tap on the knuckles, to very serious actions being taken by the website administrators, possibly even legal steps.

    Finally, with an overall general reference, one does not necessarily need guidelines to be put literally in black and white on a sheet of paper or on a placard or hoarding. For example, there may be a clear hoarding on a road about the speed limits within which one should drive. However, one does not need to be literally told that going over the speed limit will result in a fine as it means breaking the law and will likely be considered as a rash piece of driving. That should be pretty obvious to any driver, novice or experienced.

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    It is wise to follow the guidelines for a safe and quality life in all aspects. When you are driving a car, if you don't follow the guidelines, your life is at risk. At the same time, you are putting the lives of the passengers also at risk.
    Similarly, when you are using a gadget, you should know the correct way of using that. For that, you have to know the operating procedure by reading the instructions given or getting from the persons already using it. Otherwise, the gadget will get spoiled and the purpose of your purchase is lost.
    When we are working in an Organisation we have to follow the rules and guidelines that are applicable to that particular organisation, otherwise, your progress there in that place will not be in the correct lines.
    So in any given instance, the required guidelines are to be followed without fail which will make your life happy and pleasant.
    As far as I am concerned I will always follow the given guidelines and intentionally I never avoid them or make any shortcuts.

    always confident

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    And product or the service is guarded by guidelines and that has to be followed. For example TVS Scooters are coming with 5 year warranty and replacing of the parts for nominal rates if the services are done and the care taken by their technicians. Normally after purchasing the vehicle we take care of first and second service and there after believe our regular mechanic as we cannot spend time at the service station. So this laxity on our part would discontinue the service and the service manual testifies that we have not availed the company service. Therefore in the event of any manufacturing defect, the company wont take responsibility and parts wont available outside.
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    It is always good to follow the guidelines,. It is very likely that you may not do that particular work with perfection if you don't follow the guidelines.

    For example when we are driving we must follow the traffic rules as if we don't do that it is risky as we may have an accident and may hurt ourself.

    Similarly while using electric appliances its very essential to read the manual otherwise it may happen that we use it wrongly and it may cause harm to the device or us.

    So every where in life we must follow the decided rules to live life smoothly.


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