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    Is The Modern Education System Effective For Teaching Moral Education?

    With the presence of technology, the school education system is becoming smart enough to move ahead in the right direction, but the lack of responsibility is increasing and students are becoming self-centric. This is resulting in the change of behavior in the students and their morality is getting a backseat. Therefore the question arises:

    Is The Modern Education System Effective for Teaching Moral Education?
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    I feel it is a very effective system to teach moral education. But there should be sincerity in the teacher who teaches the morals. A person teaches not to smoke, but smoke in front of the students after the class. This attitude will never yield good results whatever method you adopt to teach. So for an effective teaching, the system is not the only criteria. There are many other factors which will have a huge impact on the student. Teach morals but follow before teaching them. You ask your child to respect elders but you shout on your parents before him. What will be the end result?
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    Today education has become a commercial thing. Those who can afford can get global taste while others have to be contended with Govt schools.

    The parallel educational kingdom of coaching and tuition is flourishing and environment is unhealthy rather than competitive.

    In such a situation expecting moral teachings in educational institutions is a distant dream.

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    Nice thread started by the author.

    Yes the present education system lacks moral education. I remember when I was a kid we used to have a separate subject called " Moral studies" in which we used to have lots of stories having some good message. No doubt we never used to learn 100% of the message from the stories but used to learn the basic thing what each story in book implies.

    We used to do prayer in the morning every day which lacks now a days.

    These days we don't find such things in the school may be thats the reason these days kids lack moral values.

    In my opinion education system should br reviewed.


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    I don't feel system has any effect to learn moral values. The main question is can morality be taught? When we say a human being is good and find that the person has great admiration among a large section, we try to follow her/him and imbibe the mannerisms. Morality cannot be taught separately and is an inclusive character of a good person. Educational institutes are a place where kids are developed to become wonderful human beings and everything cannot be taught like subjects.

    We have studied a lot in our school, but just think how much we remembered after completing education. In our education system many people study just to score marks and get a job. It is going on since years, but we see little change in the attitude of people.

    For example, many of you would agree that a large chunk of people lack common sense. Do you think teaching a separate subject on common sense will help to improve the situation? Possibly no. Few things are always practiced and cannot be taught. As Dr. Rao has rightly pointed out with the examples of smoking and respecting elders. Things like mannerisms and good behaviour are always acquired by following others and we all in the society are responsible to impart those characteristics in children. Remember, for a child the first teacher is the parents and the most important school is the home.


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    Imparting the moral education has no relevance with the modern schools, it can even be taught even in other schools as well not levelled as the modern schools.
    I do recall up my school days way back to 1962, where moral - lesson programme was initiated for the duration of 20 minutes just after the morning prayer and the different teachers dwelt on appropriate mannerisms, helping others in distress, helping the senior citizens to cross the road etc. The formulation of this programme by our Principal ran smoothly as long as he was in the chair but such a nice programme ceased functioning on the assumption of charges of another Principal in 1968.
    Imparting of moral - education has no connection with the private schools and the same can be implemented in any school considering the novelty of such education.

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    In the present world the students are taught for being professional & therefore in a way they are related to profit & losses of any transactions & it doesn't matter whether we are counting this on any relationships. On moral grounds, we have lost a good deal wherein the good things along with being responsible are taught & are limited to within the boundary wall of a campus of a school. Almost often the school staff along with the Principal can be seen violating the traffic rules by opting the wrong side in order to reach school & even the students along with their parents can be evident of doing the same. This can't be denied of that few can be seen as an exception to this but to a major part, we will have to admit that everything is not right at this moment.

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    Thank you all for your valuable responses. Yes, the environment is responsible for our behavior and attitude, but we really need to think deeply on it and show the better path to the coming generations, so that the basic ethics does not get depleted from our behavior. Moral education should be given the priority apart from the school syllabus or the professional education. Good Luck Friends!

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    Today's Modern Education is much influencing. It has the power to influence and turn the aspects of wrongdoings into right. Education's main purpose is to serve the mankind with knowledge that can help in overall development of an individual i.e. to be a literate with thinking ability, access to knowledge of different fields, to develop various skills required for any activity and, more importantly add meaning to his life by making him a good human being.

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