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    Good Hospitality influences sustained tourism

    Lecture on dedicated hospitality and aiming sustained tourism

    Ladies and Gentleman, we are gathered here to know the importance of hospitality which indirectly gives the broader perspective of our state and the dedication we attach with the influx of tourism. Here Hospitality is not just receiving the guest and dropping them at the designated stay places and then running away from the duty. A dedicated hospitality has a greater meaning to understand and implement. Those who come for this place for the first time have lots of expectations about the history of the place, the food habits of the people and above all the places of interest to be seen which has the national and International importance. So the hospitality begins with Athithi Devo Bhava, that means conducting a dedicated tour of the tourists with detailed explanation of places being visited and also introducing to them the important food being taken as the daily habit of the people. Some tourist would be interested to have history of the places being visited and for that a detailed brochure be prepared to be given to them.

    And we must also ensure that the local dressing sense has to be implemented and made known to the tourists. We know most of the lady tourists would be interested in Lambadi attire and they must be provided with the same to adore and enjoy. The tourists later be taken to the market place where they would make the purchases famous in the region.

    So hospitality and tourism would go hand by hand.
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    A good one from the experienced writer. The selection of topic is nice. Tourism is the source of great revenue and the livelihood of many depends on it.

    So we must take all out efforts to make tourism successful in our place so that we can also share that wealth.

    Hospitality is an art. It is subtle way of making the guest feel homely during his trip. The way we treat them, help them and try to make them comfortable within our means is what that matters.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think in our country tourism has not been so developed and hence not able to attract many foreign tourists. In our country, there are many places which can be further renovated and made good attractive places to the public so that more people from other countries will also get attracted.
    Hospitality is very important for a person to feel at home and to have a comfortable stay. Many people when they go out they look for places where you can be received well and good hospitality is extended. Such places people will get attracted more.

    always confident

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    A wonderful thread that gives us the idea about how hospitality plays a vital role in developing the tourism sector. In our country the tourism sector is expecting a huge growth in the coming years and for its growth hospitality is a vital factor. It is because of the hospitality of the tour companies, the customers show interest. If the tour company doesn't care much about the warm reception of the customers, the customers feel uncomfortable among strangers in a new place. So, for sustaining in the business the operator must give utmost importance towards the hospitality of guests.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    India is improving in the field of tourism as the government is taking strong actions for the hospitality of foreign travellers who want to explore India. Yes, the people of India also have to show respect and their culture to them with a friendly manner. The tourists are the guest of whole nation!

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