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    Are the elders demanding high civility from the younger generation?

    These days we often hear that the younger generation is becoming more independent and they are not respecting the elders or not caring for them. Many times we see such threads even on our forum section also. How far is it true? My experience and observations say the majority of the young people still have civility towards the seniors. There may be fewer people who behave in a different way. When the interference of seniors become more naturally there will be a problem.

    The coin will have two sides. Why should we not think from the other angle? In earlier days the people were having limited exposure and they are getting knowledge from books only. In those days people used to depend more on the experience of elder people for suggestions and guidance. But these days the people are having many ways to get the information. With the evolution of digital technology, the younger generation is getting equipped with more knowledge and information than the yester generation people.
    The knowledge one has will get him more respect than the age. So when the knowledge base of the younger generation is also more or less equivalent to the knowledge of the seniors, how an elder person can expect civility from the younger people. Age is one of the factors but not the only factor. The seniors should also understand their limitations.
    I don't know how many will accept my perception.

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    When the elders were young in those days, their parents used to demand civility in them. Probably that legacy is being continued and the present day elders want the young generation to follow the same. but unfortunately that is not happening for many reasons. Youth feels that they should not be disturbed or given advise on everything and they want to learn and surge on their own. No doubt it is a good attitude on them not to depend on elders. But not everything is known to them and somewhere or the other young ones has to take the guide and advise of the elders without fail.
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    I think this is not the one way relationship. The respect and courtesy should be from both the sides. The elder can not demand it from the younger generation.

    The younger people must also understand that elders have done a lot of sacrifice for bringing up them and have devoted time and energy in making us today what we are.

    Tomorrow everyone will be aged and if we do not honour the seniors today who will respect us.

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    A good observation by the author. Younger generation is becoming less dependent on elders because of advancements in every sphere, but there are many cases where elders interfere too much in the choice of the young ones. This interference of the elders may be because of certain confusions that exist in their minds and they must clearly interact with their children about the specific confusions to clear the doubts.

    But, impoliteness is not limited to younger generation and it is seen everywhere and among different sections of people. While upbringings of a child has a major effect on the behavior, there are other social factors too that contribute to this.

    During the developmental period of the child, she/he is noticing the impolite and unnatural behavior everywhere. Whether it is in debates telecasting through channels or a known person in the locality, the rudeness is observed and if it is found that many people are practicing this unnatural behavior to prove their point then the child also thinks it may be the usual way.


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    Thats true. No one in this era likes to others advice or suggestion to get imposed on him or her as everyone likes to live his or her own life.

    But thats not the only case sometimes elders don't impose their opinions on the kids but still we don't like them and get rude.

    In many of the cases I have seen kids neglect them just because they don't think like them and thats very normal due to the generation gap and we should take it light instead of ignoring them. Also there are chances that they may be giving some really good advices as they have more experience than us.


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    Yes, the younger generation is moving towards the liberalism which is a wrong thing in terms of respect. A father of this era is unable to stop his child from runing his life. This behavior is quite dangerous at a broader level. Am I right?

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