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    Can the thin cloak of civility hide the mind behind it?

    Just now I checked the dictionary, I have found that civility means "formal politeness and courtesy in behaviour or speech". After reading this definition of the word, I feel that in India, there is no shortage of people who observe extreme civility. They are very formal and correct to talk to people. They even advise people about many things. They advise people to tread the proper path, not to behave badly with others, to help and assist others and, most importantly, the people with extreme civility impress upon us to fold our hands, bow our heads and abide by everything which they say, no matter if it is totally irrational or illogical or against the basic ethos.

    But if we scratch a little bit, the real self of these civil people comes out. We can easily find that they have extremely terrible mindset. They never bother to follow rules. They play the game in a most unethical manner. They heckle people for no reasons. They troll other people who do not subscribe to their world views. They willingly conspire against others. In short, their practice is totally opposite to their preaching.

    Let us ignore these people at the first instance. If they don't correct themselves, let us shame them in public. After all, can the thin cloak of civility hide the mind behind it?

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    A good presentation. Do what you say, should be the attitude. But many people feel that we should do what they tell but we should never question them about their actions. Such people never deserve civility. I agree with the author.
    Another issue we see in the society is in our presence many people show deep respect towards us but when we are not there, the way they talk about is entirely different. This attitude is also not correct. We should not care for the people never care for the rules and no civility is required towards such people.

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