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    Civility is waiting for a tight embrace

    Civility was born long ago, in the dark. Like all children, civility was also confined to a limited space at the beginning. With time it spread its wings and flew everywhere, there people admired it with aplomb. It helped men to understand the importance of good behavior. It helped men to respect each other and stay within the boundaries of legality. Civility felt happy. All the great women and men told the whole world how civility will unite people and they spread the messages in different forms so that it is heard everywhere.

    Civility has seen many difficult situations, it has seen how people engaged in wars but didn't say anything. It felt the pain within, what else can it say! Civility survived, though within a limited group, but never forgot to listen to those people who didn't show the respect. Civility tried to analyze the reasons of rudeness, never found the specific answer.

    Civility is now very old, frail and confined in a corner of the room where few people still resides. Civility along with the inhabitants of the room is trying to find out the survival strategy. The inhabitants are not so sure of finding one, but civility still sees the hope and waits for the day when people will throng the room to give it a tight embrace.

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    A good attempt to present the viscissitudes of civility through times.

    Yes, there are changes in the society and we are seeing deterioration and degradation in the ways people are communicating with each other. The courtesy and politeness are not seen in public places. The shrewd ways are engaging the mankind everywhere.

    It is saddening that we are losing civility in the glitter of modernization and so called advancements.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Civility is still there but with a small portion of the people. A good observation. The so-called professionalism is the main reason for the downward trend of this civility. These in the lives of the majority of people money is occupying a place more than it required. This is the main reason for diminishing values. As you go richer and richer the noble behaviour in you is coming down. But one should remember that we are all human beings and we should be polite to each other.
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