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    Referrals and How does the payment work?

    I have sent a referral to one of my friend and she joined the site. But i am confused as there had been no added credit for me. What am i supposed to do?
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    Aishvariya, welcome here. Don't worry. The needful will be done. Just check out this Help Topic.
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    Hello thanks for the reply. But i am still unsure as there are no changes that can be seen in my profile. When will the money be credited?

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    Please check this page: It shows that your Referral Bonus is Rs. 1.

    This link which I have given is accessible via the 'Referrals' tab that you can see at your profile page (you can click on your own name here, too, in this thread). As the referral member progresses to the higher levels of membership, you will accrue more cash credits. Refer: Referral System at ISC. [Note: The link to this also available at the page I mentioned at the beginning of this response.]

    Any cash credits which go into your profile account will be known by you when you use the 'Re Calculate My Earnings' feature at your Dashboard page.

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