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    Lack of civility led to the formation of old age homes

    Once life was very beautiful on this earth. There was unity and happiness everywhere. People didn't know how to quarrel. They respected each other and were polite in their talks and acts. Each one of them had their own beautiful homes. For them, it was a beautiful sacred place. They respected their parents and siblings. Parents had no time to worry regarding their kids. Those kids were not interested to quarrel for their ancestral properties. Our dear God was really happy to see how blessed was the EARTH.

    But Satan was not so happy to see all this facts. He knew that civility is playing an important role in this unity. Satan decided to destroy the 8 letters in civility one by one. As a result, certain good habits that were given to human beings by GOD was destroyed. Do you know the after effects?

    We human beings now lack self respect and politeness. Nowadays in most of the families, the siblings are quarreling with each other regarding ancestral properties. We can see the tears of our beloved parents- the one who helped you to achieve your goals. Its sad to know that majority of the homes are filled with tears of those parents. Kids do not have time to spend with them and to take care of them. Instead they are transferred to a place called Old age homes. That means those old age homes were started by lack of civility.

    Dear friends..Try to bring back civility in your life and try not to book rooms in old age homes for your beloved parents
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    A good post by the author. But I feel the things not that serious as of now. Many people are taking care of their parents to the maximum extent possible. People who travel extensively and visit villages regularly will see the facts. Many people staying in big cities are thinking that these days young people are not taking their parents. A portion of the people may be like that. I feel all this mainly depends on how you bring up your children. Parents, when they bring up their children, should advocate them with the importance of having values and respecting the elders. Then the children will grow up in that direction only. But if the parents tell them how to earn money and how it is important in the life, the children will keep money before other issues in the life. In fact, many of the parents want their children to go abroad and earn money there. Once they go and settle there, they may not be interested to come back. Only those parents may be forced to stay in old age homes by paying money sent by their children.
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    A good thread by the author. It is true that the present generation is not caring for their elders and that is forcing them to take shelter in old age home.

    All old age homes are not good. Those which are good are costly. Everyone can not afford them.

    The plight of old people in ordinary old homes is miserable.

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    What a thread about the threat to civility in our life that has made the old age homes! I really appreciate your good thought about the missing civility in the present generation.
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    It is well known that care of the elders is day by day deteriorating in the society as joint homes are changing to nuclear ones.

    In this context the old age homes are doing a great job of taking care of these elders. Though all the old age homes will not be good but some of them are running professionally. Most of these are run by charitable institutes and NGOs.

    The care which one gets in his own home can not be compared with that of the old age home but nothing can be done if caring people are not there in the family.

    Going to old age home is the last resort.

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    Comparing the past with today is also not right, hasn't there been a change in everything? But, even if we are to consider the past, I don't think children 'kept' their parents. It was the other way around – the children continued staying in their hometowns and villages, in ancestral homes, with their parents and earned through the family business – whatever it was. Children stayed on.

    These days children move out and set up their own homes. Often most partners are working and have little time and resources to take care of their own families, parents and siblings. We should understand the difficulties that today's generation faces, instead of blaming them.

    Yes, there are some black sheep, who abandon parents. But, for that I blame the parents – I feel that there has to be some trigger. The bond between a parent and child is not easy to break. Maybe the adult child had a difficult childhood. Maybe the adult child was deprived as a kid. Maybe the adult child wasn't loved as a kid. We do not know the past history.

    And the rosy past wasn't really rosy. Let's not forget Cain & Abel or Joseph and his brothers. These aren't parables – it happened and differences existed from the beginning of time. And the prodigal son, though a parable, would have to be based on the realities of that time.

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    I do appreciate the author for believing so but I don't agree with the first para as this never had the case with us or with the humanity during any era or time. Since the time known to us we have been fighting with each other for one reason or the other. This is quite evident that thousands of dynasties got surfaced & then the time came that they all vanished. To make more clearer of my stand then a mixed culture of living with a certain understanding existed since the age old times to till date & will continue to be in the future as well & therefore this can't be ruled out during any given point of time. We may have much negative reactions or attitudes or feelings of today's world because the information is now easily available to us & so most updates with us which never possible during the earlier times.

    For a fantasy kind of thing or on emotional aspect this can be read in order to enjoy as a feel good factor but this needs to be understood that this is far from the reality. This may seem objectionable for few but I am open for any further briefings.

    In addition, the "old age homes" are a concern for us but our life styles have got so much changed & different that we are seeing this happening which has left us with little or no choice.

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    It is a fact that the number of old age homes are increasing and I have also heard of cases where the parents of the young generation adults voluntarily choosing the old age homes as a viable option for living. The general perception is to blame the young generation for abandoning their parents but it is always not like that. The situation and lifestyle of people have changed and both the parent and the child have a great role to play to keep the family bonding intact. Many people who stay in old age homes look back at their early days and tell others how they have raised the kids with all difficulties in life and now the kids do not bother for them.

    For example, there are many parents who want their child to excel in everything and their main concern is the academic prospects of the child so that they can get a plum post. They do not allow their child to interact with a distressed neighbor or distressed family member by saying career is the most important thing in a child's life and the child should not interfere when somebody is in distress. The child becomes used to it and her/his concentration remains only on scoring good marks. The consequence of this action is well known because the child after a certain period may begin to think that money is the only thing in life and the rest can be managed with money only. This is another example of the mindset of young generation adults that plays some role in sending the parents to old age homes.


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