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    A classroom lecture on Transfer of Technology.

    I have delivered a lecture on this topic in a defence R&D lab to its scientists under CEP Programme. I am thankful to the director of that lab for giving me a chance. I dedicate this lecture to my PhD guide, Prof.N.Krishna Murty. With this small introduction, I start my lecture.


    Technology is a process of conversion of inputs to the desired output. This is the route to be followed to convert the inputs to outputs by using various processes may be physical or chemical. Generally, the processes will be developed in research and development laboratories. Once this is done these developers will transfer the process to the manufacturer. This process of transfer from developer to the manufacturer is called transfer of technology. These technology developers will be the universities, public funded research institutes and technology centres.
    There will be three types of technologies 1. Innovative Technology, 2.Emerging technology and 3. Established technology.
    The important steps in this transfer of technology are
    1. Development of Technology: This will be carried out by a team of scientist from the developing laboratory
    2. Finalising the technology receiver and memorandum of understanding: The marketing department of the developing agency will negotiate with various organisations who are interested in converting the technology to manufacturing scale and finalising a price for that. Once the price is finalised a memorandum of understanding will be made and signed by both the parties
    3. Making of Teams from developer and receiver: the developer will make a team who will visit the manufacturer's premises and interact with them. Similarly, a team will be made from the receiver also who will interact with the developer's team and absorb the technology. For a successful transfer of technology, cooperation between these two teams is essential
    4. Conducting the trials in the receiver's premises: The above teams will conduct the trials at a smaller scale and test the final product for its adherence to the prescribed quality.
    5. Scaling up and handover the plant: Once the quality is achieved the process will be upscaled to get the desired output.

    This is my entry for the classroom lecture contest. Classroom Lecture contest - Deliver a lecture, win a prize!
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    An excellent lecture on the transfer of technology. I find this lecture very interesting and useful because I feel that for a country like India, it is very necessary to clearly understand various issues associated with the transfer of technology. As for example, the recent controversy on the Rafale deal is entirely due to the fact that many people don't understand the underlying processes of transfer of technology.

    I hope that the Members would go through this useful lecture and understand the entire process of transfer of technology.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Thank you, Partha, for your good words. When there are no discussions on this particular thread, I thought I have not selected a correct topic. However, after seeing your response, I felt happy and I feel I need not feel sorry for the topic I have selected.
    always confident

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    Dr. Rao: I am very impressed by your lucid explanation of a complex subject. But, I think the heading of the topic did not create much attraction and even without reading the lecture, some members thought that it would be boring. But, I reiterate that you have explained it in an excellent manner.

    Please write on such topics which interest you. I expect you to write on various interesting experiments using chemical substances (e.g., preparation of vanishing ink) and use of chemistry in our daily life and in various industries. You can also write about organic chemistry and how new compounds can be created by chains/branches.

    Of course, this is my humble suggestion.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Thank you for your suggestion, Partha. I have written some articles related to chemistry and published in ISC. As suggested by you I will try to continue the same.
    always confident

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    A good lecture illustrating what transfer of technology is and how it is done in real life around us in the laboratories and research organisations.

    Innovation is the key to success of futuristic business and those who can implement the ideas in commercial arena are going to have flourishing business.

    Knowledge is power.

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