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    Have you ever have imagined of about the easiest & the most difficult job in our life?

    Hopefully, being jealous could be the easiest of the job but on the other hand doing appreciation to others & admitting or liking to other actions could be the difficult one for us. This I am commenting in general but to a major part this could be related to some psychological aspect of which we all are abide by in a certain ways. We are in connectivity with others with reference to some common likings or understanding & therefore based on this we respond accordingly or we don't respond or we make our response with some negative remarks. Our reactions out of those would also be depending upon more or less with the same criteria or grounds.

    Does the members agree with me?
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    According to me, the easiest and the most difficult job are the same. It is our attitude that makes the job easy or difficult. Confused?

    I think 'honesty' is the easiest job and also the most difficult.

    It is easy to be honest when we possess the ability to be true to ourselves. When we have the ability to 'honestly' weigh everything before supporting a cause or action. It is easy, to be honest when we have our eyes and ears open and recognise truths as they are, instead of being led to believe falsities. It is easy to be honest when we accept that our beliefs are misplaced. It is easy to be honest when we let go of our prejudices and hate and stop seeing things through psychedelic glasses that show us only what we want to see.

    It is difficult to be honest when we shut ourselves, turn deaf and blind. It is difficult to be honest when we become mute spectators – when we don't question the wrongs. It is difficult to be honest when we let someone else vacuum our minds only to fill it with their views. It is difficult to be honest when we don't use logic, and instead, repeat the rants that are pumped into our brains.

    The job (honesty) is the same, it is how we react that makes it easy or difficult.

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    I think that depends more on the maturity levels of the individual. A person who is in a senior position should be able to appreciate the good work done by a colleague and if another colleague requires some counselling he should be able to do that. Feeling jealous in a profession is not uncommon. But that is not sufficient. Once he feels jealous he should be able to improve his performance and he should excel in his position so that the others will feel jealous of him. This should be the attitude.
    A person who is matured enough can appreciate a real achiever and he never feels jealous of others good deeds and prosperity.

    always confident

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    As pointed out by Dr.Rao, it depends on the maturity and mental set up of a person. When a person is in a happy or joyous mood he will appreciate almost everything. But if he is out of mood he will not care to appreciate or enjoy anything. Also there are persons who have certain inborn characters, such people will react only with that mood. I have seen both the type of people. Some take everything in a Happy mood and only positive comments come from them. Their comments will encourage the other person.
    At the same time there are some who see only mistakes and project that in their appreciation. Negative comments will always be coming from them. That discourages the receiving person.
    Among teachers one can see both the types. One encourages the students while the other not only discourage but also make the students hate the subject.


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    These perceptions will change from person to person. In general whatever we like or whatever we want to behave with others is the easiest thing in the world. At the same time anything not suiting us or of our disliking is always a difficult thing for us to digest.

    It is human nature and is a universal attitude.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I think the most difficult thing is to make other happy and the easiest thing to do is harm anyone.

    When you have to hurt someone its easy as you can do it by any ways but to make someone smile one has to put his efforts.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    I think there is nothing difficult in the life if you have the skills and hard work in your nature. If you will look for a shortcut in your life then you will find everything difficult. So, always try to master whatever you intend to do in your life. Stay blessed!

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