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    Big relief in terms of reduction of Rs. 2.5 per liter for petrol & diesel with immediate effect.

    In a relief package offered by the central government, a sum of Rs. 2.5/- per liter has been reduced with immediate effect in the prices of petrol & diesel. This reduction has been in collaboration with the oil companies. In this reduction the government will bear the amount of Rs. 1.5/- per liter & the oil companies will have to bear the amount of Rs. 1/- per liter. This price is supposed to get down further if the state government also provides some relief in their state. Good initiative so far & let's assume that state will also contribute in this to provide the consumers with some more relief.
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    Seeing the inflationary trend in fuel prices, Govt has taken a appropriate action keeping the sentiments of the general public.

    Such actions are always appreciated and are always welcome by the industries as every industry is directly or indirectly affected by this commodity.

    The opposition will also stop making hue and cry on this sensitive and important issue.

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    We must appreciate this step of the central government. A cut of Rs 2.5 per litre in respect of price of Petrol/ Diesel may not offer the customers a huge relief but the step taken up by the government indicates the seriousness of slashing down the fuel - cost.
    It is expected that that state - government, too, would come up with some sort of relief for the consumers so that the pinch of abrupt increase of fuel - price is lessened further.

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    This is not a big relief. While the fuel cost is very low below 40, the tax levied by the Centre & state) is more than the fuel cost, and also a huge agent commission of Rs. 6 per liter. I would call it a very small relief. The big relief will be when the fuel cost goes below Rs. 60/- per liter. The central government and the state government should cut 50 percent of the tax that is being levied now.

    Anyway, something is better than nothing. Let us be satisfied.

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    This is not going to do anything as petrol rates were already above 80 Rs/liter so reducing just 2.5Rs is not very big relief,still the cost of the petrol is too much. Its very difficult to cope up with such high rates.

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    This may not be a big relief but something is better than nothing always. The action is appreciated and hope the prices will further come down so that a common man will be happy as the transportation cost will be reduced and consequently the rates of other commodities will also come down. There are many ways to bring down the cost of the petroleum products. I hope the central government will take initiative and conduct meetings with all the state governments and see that these products will also be brought into the purview of GST which will have a lot of impact on the expenses of a common man. Let us hope that this will happen at the earliest.
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    A relief of Rs. 2.5 per litre. A relief from the spiraling rise in the fuel prices. Since a rise in the prices of fuel has a direct effect on the price of essential commodities, we can expect a stability in the same. Already few of the states have reduced the VAT on fuel to provide a little relief and a move from the central government to reduce the price further is a positive step.

    But the centre must find ways also so that the price of fuel doesn't vary with international prices every time. After the deregulation of fuel prices, the cost of fuel in Indian market changes on a regular basis. It may be a big reform according to the government, but if it affects the common men's pocket in a big way then the government must look for some ways to give them the relief.


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    Let us have only one single GST for both petrol and diesel and petroleum products, and also reduce the agent's commission amount. That will reduce the fuel cost below Rs. 60/-.
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    I do not see this as a 'big relief'. Petrol and diesel, have become a necessity, they are no longer a luxury item. They are as important as green groceries, and a small reduction in price is not going to bring major savings.

    For the past few weeks, my house help has been taking advance because of the price hike. She cannot cope, and like her, there must me lakhs, if not more, citizens who are affected.

    Fuel prices affect everything - even the auto-rickshaw guy who transports her kids to school has raised the fare. It has a cascading effect. And the common man, the poor and the middle class is really suffering.

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    Few of us are complaining of more reductions to as much as Rs. 60/- per liter & I don't feel any deniable fact that this should have been the case but then how the big projects like the Ayushman Bharat Yojana which will have its impact to the millions of poor families will get its fund in order to make it a success. In today's India we see more four wheelers on road in comparison to the two wheelers that even going for a nearest of the locations we are required to use the four wheelers & surprising that those too complaint of the price rise. We also having the associated arguments that this rise will also having its consecutive impacts to the related commodities but don't we feel that our living cost remained more or less with the same stage. The prices of vegetables & of daily needs don't see too many differences but we got huge advantage on internet & calling rates on which we must be saving much.

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    What we mainly feel is - While the fuel cost in many foreign countries is far less than India, why should India have high fuel price? Our governments survive with the income generated by the liquids. One liquid is the fuel and the other liquid is the liquor.
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    #649897, "While the fuel cost in many foreign countries is far less than India, why should India have high fuel price?", for sure there can be the chances but in that case we will have to negotiate with the growth & developmental issues. Are we ready for this?

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    I have seen the huge criticism in terms of price of petrol and diesel in subcontinent. The main thing that we have to understand is that the price of petrol and diesel changes globally and the countries tend to change it in their region according the global change. Think broadly before criticism!

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