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    Never forget civility

    Very good topic to mentioned for TOW. I would like share few thoughts about civility.
    In today's generation most of us think only about time and money we are never bothered about other's difficulty, this doesn't mean that we should be always with them especially in their personal problems, but at-least when any public is in trouble we have to be human beings first.
    A year back there was an accident of a young guy in nelamangala - bangalore. A truck passed over him and he was badly injured. That moment he was yelling in pain and begging for the people to help him in admitting him to hospital. But the people around him were busy in shooting video's in their cell phones. At that guy's last moment he realized that he will not survive so he mentioned that some of the organ's from his body must be donated to the needful. I really like to salute that guy because at such a grieve pain he showed his humanity. But the people around him were dead I believe and especially those who are shooting video's. This was leaked in very next moment in whats app. I think the time they took for video could be utilized in saving his life. By reading this incident it really disturbed me a lot and forced me to think that civility in this country is gradually reducing especially when cell phones are introduced at very cheap rates.
    This was a small example which came to light but unknowingly so many incidents happen and many loose their life just by our stupidity.
    So I request everybody that any incidents or any public is in need of you please help them first and then shoot video's. Because the time lost can't be gained back. We will proud that time taken to record video actually helped some one's life. So please be a human being first and never forget that we have some few responsibilities in public.
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    This type of incidents became very common these days. The people instead of helping the people who are suffering, try to record them and post them on youtube for making money. The ultimate these days is money only. The humanity in humans is disappearing. When a person comes to our house who is very hungry should be offered food. But how many of us follow this. We don't give him food and even we may shout on him.
    The passion for earning and enjoying is getting the topmost priority than anything else. One should always keep in mind that tomorrow we may also get caught in a difficult situation and we may also look helplessly for somebody to come to our rescue. If we can think in these lines we will never be away from civility and we will teach the same quality to our children also.

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    It is really unfortunate that today politeness, courtesy, helping attitude and humanitarian approach are missing from the society.

    There are a few samaritans who are still maintaining the traits of civility and we hope that all of us should learn these from them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The shocking incident of a person dying in a helpless condition and the people on the other end taking pictures or videos is quite disturbing but it is happening in many places. Many people do not care for others and busy enjoying themselves by sharing this kind of videos.

    These videos are itself shocking and it seems people find pleasure by watching and sharing these types. Earlier people feared legal hurdles so couldn't come for helping, but that hurdle is not there though the attitude remained same. These incidents are observed in major cities but I have seen people in rural areas rushing for help whenever any incident on the road takes place. It is true that people are lot busier nowadays but taking videos when someone is in distress without offering a helping hand is really distressing and reflects the inhuman nature in them.


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