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    Choose the best of two

    What is your idea of of learning and the necessity of a teacher. Since the era is a digitalised era every student is able to learn more than what a teacher can teach.
    How many agree?
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    Teacher is a teacher we can't learn everything from Internet or by any other means. What about moral values. We learn it from parents or from the teacher.

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    Despite anything, we need a teacher to learn. Nothing will go well without a good teacher. I bought a Harmonium with a hope that I would learn music through the Harmonium. I searched the net but failed to get a suitable Guru on the internet. Alas! My good old Harmonium is lying idle for the last two decades. Still, I am in search of a good teacher to learn music through my Harmonium.
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    Well, knowledge cannot be quantified in that way. There are different ways of learning nowadays and teachers are always required to know things in a better way. Knowledge always increases with sharing and while knowing different things there will be doubts.

    Teachers doesn't always mean a school teacher or a teacher of some higher institutes, anybody can be the teacher if she/he knows things better than you. You can learn from anybody. The most important part here is, we do not learn from books or searching through internet only, we learn from following others also and that is the most important aspect of a teacher.

    When a child starts learning she/he doesn't know anything about alphabets or internet, it is the parents from whom the child starts learning. After a certain stage when the urge of knowing things is developed, the child looks for different means to gain knowledge. So, teachers are always important than any other means of learning because it is the teacher who helps us to develop the urge to know more.


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    The place you are learning from, say a website, is also made by a teacher. Not all teachers are required to have a degree. A teacher is someone who has something to teach. So all those freelancing websites and documentaries are made by a number of teachers. This itself says that teachers are irreplaceable. I learn a lot from YouTube. These videos are made by pioneers of respective industries. Teachers are the ones that shape your mind, even if they are not any physical but a digital entity.
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    Availability of information is different and teaching is different. From the day one, we can't learn everything by reading the available information on the internet. We definitely require the help of a person who has good knowledge about that particular subject to make us understand the subject.
    These days many websites are designing onsite diploma courses and the lessons are prepared by well-experienced teachers. Even then they will be arranging contact classes or by phone chatting to clarify the doubts the students are getting after going through the material provided by the institute.
    So the importance of the teacher will be always there.

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    Teacher shouldn't be referred to as a dictionary or a book having some pre-determined set of instructions but has been considered to a best guide which is available to us. In context to the "digitalized era", this can provide us with the hard disk consisting of numerous information of varied subjects & fields but how to use all those information for a better cause of a student can only be best guided by the teacher outside our homes. The reasons or the outcome can't be compared within these two entities.

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    A nice thought put up by the author in this thread.

    Up to a certain age and learning, I think, teacher is required. After that self teaching will do except in some subjects where practical aspects are there.

    For example in laboratories or medical colleges guides will be required to tell the techniques without which it will be difficult and time consuming for the student to learn those intricacies.

    So it is not the time to dispense with teachers. We need them.

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    #649877 Of course i agree with you. But there's also an exception where people tend to learn more by surfing net. Of course we need someone to inculcate the good morals in our life but don't you think its all up to the student who decides to obey or not?

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    Hello everyone,
    Thanks for replying! I really agree with most of you saying that teacher is necessary for us to become a better person in some way or the other. Share with me some experiences that you had with your teachers (best/worst)

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    No doubt technology can teach us much more and satisfy one's curiosity but a teacher is a teacher and every student needs them to a certain extent of a time.
    Teachers don't simply teach concepts and skills. Any new technology can do that. Teachers inspire the students to be lifelong learners, creating a culture of independent inquiry with their enthusiasm and passion. Teachers have the skills to know exactly how to get the best out of each and every young person in their care.

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    In the simple and transparent educational topics, a student finds less difficulty. But when a technical aspect comes into account then a teacher is the primary requirement for a student. A teacher is necessary as digitalization is for both teachers and students. I hope you have got the point!

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