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    Vaccination for civility

    The current situation is becoming so practical, and emotionless and we as a human being losing patience and politeness such that the coming time will require a vaccination of civility after birth so induce the same in the body.
    It was an afternoon tea break at my office when we were discussing the kids and their behavior nowadays. All of us were having something to complain about our kids like they do not follow our instructions, sometimes they become impatient and restless and even many times, they reply very rudely without reasons. Then one of my friends replied saying "we need to develop a vaccination for civility soon" and we all started laughing.
    But do you think that it is the problem with the younger generation only? I do not think so. We all are responsible for this situation. We as a parent try to make our kids ambitious and in that race, we forget to teach him about moral values. We should give space to their thoughts and ideas, and should provide their own space in their life as they are well educated. The harsh words and disrespect usually come as a result of frustration.
    So, the time has changed hence the way to teach and maintain the civility should also be changed.
    Civility does not get inherited from DNA and a child learns whatever he or she observes in his or her surrounding. So, we need to prepare a vaccine and give the dose to our kids by creating a special bond with them, a special level of understanding and creating examples for them to follow.

    This is my entry for Topic based TOW contest for September '18- Topic- 'Civility'.
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    Though your friend might have used the term vaccination in literary sense but it is true that there is an urgent need in the society to make people behave in polite and courteous manner.

    So not only in our homes but also in our schools, offices and organisations, the requirement of special lectures and counselling is there for this subtle but important characteristics called civility.

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    Instead of a vaccine, why not quarantine people who lack civility? A social boycott could work better than any moral lessons. Anyone who in their minds believe that their behaviour is acceptable will definitely not get 'cured' through moral lectures, because their belief in their beliefs and behaviour is deep-rooted. When they witness a social boycott they will realise their mistake better and hopefully correct themselves.
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    A good idea. One has to invent a vaccine which will see that the human behaviour will be always with civility. Even then I feel this behaviour will not improve in the present generation as they are immune for all such vaccines already. The people's perspective about the life and the importance of fellow beings is getting changed. There is a feeling in everyone that they can have anything they want and they can behave as they like if they have plenty of money. This mindset of the people is to be changed. I think having classes for all the students about behaviour science and making it a part of the curriculum may bring in some change.
    A point everybody should remember is that the change should start from the parents and then it will percolate down to the next generation. We can't expect a positive change in the children without having a change in the behaviour of the seniors.

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