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    The case for CSR funds in education

    Recently, the Railway Ministry has made a good initiative to seek some funds from the Corporate Sector in specific areas of Railway Operations. This has to be appreciated.

    However, a lot more can be done by the Corporate Sector. Why not education? Most of the Government schools are without basic facilities like rest rooms. Why not involve the Corporate Sector in contributing to such causes? In Tamil Nadu, some initiative has been taken. It remains to be seen what will really happen.

    Yet, this kind of initiative has to happen throughout the country. The very poor children who study in Government schools need our support. The society can also chip in with whatever money we can, once the Corporate Organizations,come out with their own specific proposals.

    What do members think about this?
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    Already many corporates are taking up development works in education for the students going to governments schools under Corporate social responsibility scheme. I know many companies in Hyderabad who are doing it. The Organisation in which I was working as a Director used to take up many such programmes. The factory of that company is in Telangana and 5 to 6 villages are there nearby. All those villages are having government schools. The company has arranged for toilets in all those schools and for two villages helped in making a permanent building for the school. In addition to that once in six months medical check-up for all the students studying in those school was being conducted. Required medicines and further help required was also being provided. In these schools scholarships for the class, toppers were also being arranged. This system is in practice from almost 15 years even before the introduction of CRS. When there was a shortage of teachers officers from the company were going and participating in teaching also. There are organisations doing this type of services in both the Telugu states.
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    CSR funds of the corporates and other organisations comprise a huge kitty and many NGOs, social enterprises, innovative enterpreneurs, educational institutions and some poor and needy individuals in remote places - all are looking up to these funds for carrying out their good cherished social upliftment tasks.

    Many CSR aids are going in good direction but due to procedural delays some organisations are not able to distribute it to the deserving people and the funds are being lapsed in the end of financial year.

    So the problem is not of funds, it the governance which is affecting the timely allotment to the needy.

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