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    Classroom lecture on “brand culture”.

    Good morning friends. My topic for today's presentation is based on the aspect of Brand Management. We agree that it's a big concept in itself but we would be looking after whether the brand has got its impacts in the minds of the consumers or is just a perception. Before going ahead it would be interesting to include with an interesting survey which involve of one small experiment conducted by a local soft drink manufacturer in context to its competitors like that of Coke & Pepsi. The survey had been included with few of the individuals chosen randomly consisting of varied sex & age groups. Now let's try to understand about how the experiment took place which for sure would found out to be interesting for all of us here.

    In the first place, they exchanged the content of the bottle. If we elaborate it further then they had arranged for the empty bottles which is of theirs as well as of others being labeled of some famous brand say for example of Coke or Pepsi. Now in here one branded bottle had the local soft drink filled in that & offered to the customer & the customer liked that. After this & as a second stage they offered the same customer with the local branded bottle but one branded soft drink filled in that but the customer disliked that. In both the cases the customer had opted for labeled name on the bottle instead of what the actual content is.

    If we try to analyze the above scenario then we can come out with a simple conclusion that as a customer each of us has a developed but at the same time preoccupied taste or this better can be defined as a perception in which he makes a distinction wherein the brand or a name comes first.

    Hoping that we have been simple in our presentation with an interesting fact of the surveys conducted by the local soft drink manufacturer but still if remained with some queries then we welcome that.

    Note # I would like to dedicate the above lecture / presentation to Mr. Dhagad on whose presence I had presented this project on behalf of the whole class. This is also important in a way that this was my first presentation of my life & on some good topic.
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    Brand is an important thing in the business. The managers of the business have to maintain their brands in respect of quality, delivery and feedback. Those company which can do it can establish their brands in market and survive in this competitive world for a long time.

    The customer can differentiate the brand easily. Once he is attached to it he will not go to other brands until unless some compelling reasons are created due to the quality of branded product changing.

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    The brand image to a particular product will give an extra advantage for the seller. A lot of hard work in maintaining the quality of the product initially is very important to get the brand image. Once the brand image is achieved the sales will be a cake walk. There are many products which will be purchased by the consumer just by seeing the brand name.
    The author has made a very good presentation. There are people who can tell the name of the brand by simply seeing the product. This is mainly possible due to the liking they develo[ed towards the product of that brand.

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    A good presentation by the author to show us the importance of brand value. It takes a lot of time and hard work to establish a brand and to promote a new brand to the customer is not so easy. As described in the thread with the help of a survey, it's quite interesting. Here psychology plays a very big role and the manufacturer has to be very cautious in every sphere if they plan to change the design or color of the product.

    After going through the methods of the survey mentioned here, I am reminded of placebo therapy. In psychology, there is a therapy known as placebo therapy to treat certain disorders. In placebo therapy, a dummy medicine, that has the color and shape of the original medicine but without any medicinal value, is given to the patients and surprisingly it works just like the original medicine. After a brand is well established in the market, people show a blind faith towards that brand and because of this reason, many new brands try to make their logo and packing similar to the established brands. So the brand value is always very important to customers while making the choice.


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