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    Students are to be trained with good culture

    Culture and behavior to one should be get started from his or her school time. During my schooling, one master Mr.gowrishankar asked his class students to reach classroom from preyer hall as if going behind a deadbody. Though the way is commendable students followed perfectly by following jovially. Classroom regulations other than study is most important. Morel education,following disciplines, giving respect to elders, behaving with well manners in public are to be taught in the moral class.
    Some masters or teachers should assigned for controlling students at the nearby bus stops for not rushing in the bus,hanging in the footboard etc., As the footboard/roof travel by students is increasing in almost all parts of the country, a step to be taken is important to prevent accidents/injury/death.
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    A good observation by the author. Nowadays many students are becoming fearless and they are taking up risky ventures without thinking about the consequences. Not only the teachers in school, the parents also play a very important role to develop positive traits in students.

    Parents must teach their children about the basics of life like behavior, traffic rules, responsibility towards elders and the environment, etc. I have seen a tendency among many parents who feel that it is the responsibility of the teachers only to inculcate good behaviors in children. This thinking is not justified and every elder, be it parents, relatives or teachers have a specific role to play for the development of the child. Otherwise things can go beyond our control.


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    It is true. A student should be taught about good culture and behaviour. The teachers should behave as role models in these respect to all the students. In fact, these qualities should be taught to the children by parents at home. This should be started before they start going to school itself. The children should learn from their parents the way of behaviour. So parents should not behave differently before the children.
    After the parents, only the role of teachers will come. Teachers are the builders of society. All the children will follow their teachers and whatever they do the students will try to follow. So teachers should behave humbly and then they should teach the students about the behaviour.
    The teachers should explain the students about the problems they face if they don't follow traffic rules by showing them the various videos which illustrate how accidents happen on the road if traffic rules are not followed, how serious it is to get down from the running bus etc. These videos will help students to understand the after effects for unsafe acts.

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