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    Classroom lecture- Importance of morality in students

    My dear students, I am proud to stand before for giving this lecture. To a student, besides his scoring of good marks, his or her morality maintenance is giving a crown to his or her marks as well credit to our school.
    Recently I read that a group of school students in a school bus traveled on both ways by chanting Bagavat Gita slokas. At the same time I felt bad for reading a news that a student committed suicide following his arrest for traveling in city bus to college with sword. As well I heard our students also making hindrance to public in bus droppings by traveling in footboard,window bars.
    I want our students should become a role model to other school students. One becomes many. Similarly if school by school improves with good manners both in school,outside and house the entire country will get flourished. As told by Shri.K.Kamaraj,you students are forth coming rulers, I expect this development from all of you.
    Thank you students.
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    A nice lecture in which the importance of good behaviour and morals is explained. This behaviour is very much required for all the people of all ages. But if we teach these points to the children in their tender ages they will become 100% ideal citizens of the country.
    This teaching should start at home and go up to the college level. The elders should teach the children about these morals. Recently a son of my distant relative was travelling in a city bus to go to junior college and as the bus is very crowdy he tried to get down from the bus while the bus is running. He had a severe head injury and for the first three days, doctors are not able to confirm the survival of the boy. By the grace of God he recovered well and now he is normal.
    The importance of life, the dos and don'ts should be explained to the students in their earlier ages only.

    always confident

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