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    The importance of being a lookalike

    There is a news about a man from Saharanpur, a Narendra Modi-lookalike, who is so disappointed with the BJP that he reportedly wanted to campaign for the Congress during the next elections. Film personalities or eminent persons are given ticket or roped in for campaigns by different political parties during elections and in many cases the political parties became successful because of the popularity of those personalities. Now how a lookalike of a popular leader in power will help the opposition to run a successful campaign, if at all given a chance to campaign, remains to be seen.

    But a lookalike in a clan is always interesting because of the confusion and suspense attached to it. Many interesting films were produced based on the stories of lookalike and I have a personal experience about this lookalikes.

    Few years ago in our locality there was a painter, who was famous for his style of working. When we gave him the contract to paint the house, he started the work and agreed to take the payment at the end of the week. Surprisingly, the next day evening he came and asked for the payment. I told him about the contract of weekly payment and he told because of some personal issues he needs the payment urgently. I paid him without hesitation and the next day the same thing happened. The story unfolded in the weekend, when he asked for weekly payment. I was astonished and told him everything, he started to laugh loudly. I got to know that he has a twin and that fellow doesn't go to work regularly. How interesting things can become. One works and his twin get paid!
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    Haha, twins and doppelgangers are always intriguing. But this Modi look-alike can cause serious blemishing to BJP. His face would be a very strong component. People in India thirst for entertainment and what could be better than a lookalike bashing the fame of his doppelganger? I would love to see how effective this can be.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes. It is possible. Twins will look alike and often we will get confused to know who is who. My friend has twins. Both the boys look alike and no identifiable difference is there in both of them. I very often get confused about these two boys. So I will ask them before starting the talk the clarification.
    Many movies are there in which twins play an important role in solving the problems. People say in the whole world we can find maximum 7 people of the same appearance. They will look alike in all respects.

    always confident

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