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    The want of a cleaner society.

    It has been 4 years since the Modi government had promised to complete Gandhi's dream of living in a clean society in our country. Funds have been raised all through this time for the 'Swatch Bharat Abhiyan' and the government claims that 87% of their target that was set for setting up toilets in the urban areas has been achieved. They also claim that 94% of the houses in the rural areas have an individual household latrine. But there is a great need of close audits to these outcomes as all the statistics of other independent surveys are not even close to the numbers provided by the government when it comes to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and so on.
    It does not look like the government has properly utilised the time in carrying out the movement and the lack of proper infrastructure and planning is not helping at all. The government should also try to take care of the disposal of waste in both the rural and urban areas. The dream of having a clean society seems quite far from our reach right now.
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    Cleanliness is a dream especially in a highly populated country as ours. The reason is twofold. One is massive waste and garbage production other is poor administration and execution of plans.

    There are some efforts and improvements are also seen but we are far from our targets.

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    Exactly as Neeru explained. The population explosion and increasing demands for space, limits effective waste disposal. Once again, proper education is only solution. Education is kind of a panacea because it helps an individual take care of his affairs. It helps individuals to not depend on the state. Highly literate citizens litter less. Villagers and suburban people must be thoroughly expakined about consequences of mindless littering. Stats about rising dengue and malaria cases should help. We all fear death and explaining that accumulation of waste is inviting death, is the best possible way to motivate cleanliness.
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    Apparently Govt is doing a lot of efforts in the direction of cleanliness in our country but the practical problem is the implication by the authorities and cooperation from the citizens.

    I do not think that funds are a constraint. What is lacking is a collective will to keep our premises clean.

    The garbage generated in our cities is of huge quantity and naturally proper and sufficient efforts are required to tackle with it.

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    I don't know exactly about the statistics. But there is a sea change. When I was visiting my native village earlier days I used to see many gents and ladies going out with a bottle of water for public toilets or open toilets. But in the same villages these days I am not finding even a single person outside for this. This I am talking about my experience in Andhra Pradesh. Even many villages are taking interest and seeing that the waste is not thrown outside on the roads.
    This is not the end. Still, there is a long way to go. Even in cities like Hyderabad, we will find a lot of waste thrown in the corners of the streets which are not being cleaned by the people. In many slum areas, we will find an accumulation of waste and the entire area looks very untidy.
    This situation should be corrected. The general public should cooperate with the government and local administrators and see that the situation will improve in all areas.

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    It's a good thread & I want to ask the author with the below few queries,
    1. Have you stopped using the polythene bags?
    2. Do you carry your bag for purchasing of vegetables etc.?
    3. How often that you throw the wastages into the dustbin?
    4. How many plantation that you have done during the last four years?
    5. Do you smoke?
    6. Do you use AC at your locations?
    7. What you do with the polythene bags which you brought from the outside.
    8. How often you follow the rules & regulations of your localities of safety & cleanliness?
    9. Etc etc etc.

    And the most important, how you rate your close ones on the above.

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