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    Nobel Peace Prize to Yazidi Activist and Congolese Doctor

    Nadia Murad, a survivor of sexual violence by the Islamic State is one of the two noble peace prize winner this year. Dr Denis Mukwege, a gynaecological surgeon who founded a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the co-winner of this award. They were awarded this Prize for their campaigns against the usage of rape as a weapon of war.
    They worked together putting aside the risks for their lives and helped the victims.
    Around 331 individuals and Organisations were nominated for this award this year and the committee went with these two. Both the winners in their own way brought the wartime sexual abuses to the public and made the criminals held responsible for their actions.
    Let us congratulate the winners on their getting the noble peace award.
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    Congratulations to Ms. Nadia Murad and Dr. Mukwege for winning the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. They have worked hard and campaigned against the use of sexual violence as a weapon of armed conflict.

    Dr. Mukwege is working for nearly two decades to help the women to recover from the trauma of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo whereas Ms. Murad was kidnapped in 2014 by the IS militants and kept as a sex slave until she escaped. The suffering and trauma a woman goes through after any kind of sexual violence is unimaginable and they have fought for the cause which is inflicted on women during a war or any armed conflict. Both the winners have been recognized for their challenging work with this award.


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    Congratulations to both of them. I have read about Nadia Murad in the past how she was kidnapped and was made slave. She was raped for almost three months by ISIS people many times and one day she managed to escape. Now she works as a human rights activist. She is the first Iraqi woman to achieve this award. She has written a book also about those three months how she was tortured and was raped by many people there.

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