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    No civility for teachers

    (Teachers have it hard. Their age difference makes it inherently hard for them to connect with their younger students. Not all students are easy to deal with. Some harshly remark teachers on their face while others whisper bad behind their back. This poem is based on a teacher's inner feelings).

    I enter the class and with smiles I am greeted,
    Students wish me "good morning", get seated.
    I turned around to scribble my subject
    a voice whispered in the first bench,
    "This baldy can't explain. He should just quit".
    A moment ago I was a "Sir" and now this?
    But keeping my cool I went on.
    Their civility by then was long gone.
    Their noise muffle my lessons
    They're seriously engaged
    in needless conversations
    Amidst all of these
    I mispronounce a word
    Students started screaming
    like hell froze over.
    So it's human to err
    unless you're a teacher?
    I want to give up
    I can't take this hatred
    A little respect would be nice.
    If not for my age, atleast my courage.
    I only wished to distribute what I knew
    to a fairly dissonant crowd like you.
    I ranted my heart out and
    surprisingly it worked.
    They don't see me as a
    teacher, a human instead.
    "I will bring the better in you with all I have",
    I promised to the now civilized class.

    It takes years of training and mounts of patience to teach.
    Let us spare these hard workers some civilities.

    (This is my TOW entry).
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    A very good observation. Many teachers face the issues described in the poem and each line is exactly the description about how the teacher feels when students behave in this unnatural way. It is true that all of the students are not same and that's why different medications have to be prescribed for different diseases.

    While the feelings of a teacher who is facing the rude behavior is a concern, there are many instances where we find that teachers are joining the profession just for the sake of being a teacher. Those teachers think that teaching is a profession where there is ample time for relaxation and since they are teachers every student must respect them. Teachers have a big role to play to inculcate behavior in students and must try to bring positive changes in students who behave rudely. Maybe a one-to-one interaction with those students to understand their difficulties will be a good option.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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