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    Should I move or cancel my move?

    I am from Tamilnadu's Tirunelveli district. As of now, I am in Tirunelveli and I have booked a ticket to Bengaluru by the Nagercoil-Bengaluru Bengaluru Express leaving Tirunelveli Jn at 8.55 p.m today Saturday the 6th October 2018, and scheduled to reach Bengaluru at 9.30 a.m. on 7th October 2018.

    The IMD(Indian Metrological Department) has issued a Red Alert saying that there would be a severe cyclonic storm in the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Puducherry and coastal Karnataka on 7th October 2018. The severe storm is expected to move North Westerly towards Oman affecting the southern states of India. I am sure, it would be a very severe storm that might cause more damages to the properties and the public.

    My problem is - If I leave Tirunelveli on 6th p.m, I will be on my midway on 7th October. I will be at Madurai midnight of 6/7 Oct. I am afraid whether I will be caught in the storm and not reach Bengaluru safely at 9.30 a.m on 7th Oct.

    My question is - Should I leave Tirunelveli today as planned, or should I postpone my move to some other day when the weather will be calm and favourable?

    Though taking a risk is like eating rusk, I do not want to suffer during a train journey without food and water, if affected. I have seen the effect of storms in the past, the flooding of railway tracks, delay/cancellation of trains, stranded passengers without water and food etc;

    @My dear ISC friends, What do you suggest? Should I move or not?
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    I will suggest you not to move today evening. Since there is a red alert from the IMD, please plan your journey keeping in mind about the alert. You know how difficult it would be if the train is stuck up in the midway because of the cyclone. You do not know what may be the consequences after the storm. The weather all over the world is changing in a peculiar way and you must take the necessary precaution when there is a warning from IMD.

    Wait for two more days, let things settle down and keep a tab on the warnings of IMD. Don't move in haste. Be safe always.


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    I suggest not to take a risk. When there is such a severe warning from the Indian Metrological Department, it is not wise to undertake a journey. We are not sure whether you can reach the destination as planned even though you start on 6th. Unnecessarily you have to suffer if the warning becomes real. So if you can postpone the visit, please do that. Once the weather is clear and the reports are good you can undertake the journey.
    Safety during the journey is very important. We don't how severe will be the cyclone and on the way by any chance if your train stops you will get stuck there.

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    In the meantime & with the available resources, the IMD (Indian Metrological Department) seems to be more reliable here & therefore if the author feel confident of the departmental forecast then he can postpone the journey so as to be safe & at the same time not inviting any trouble of whatever intensity.

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    Normally in such situation postponing your journey is advisable.

    IMD has given a forecasts of storm especially for 7th Oct. Now we do not know whether it will build up in morning hours or afternoon as there are many past instances where either its built up will be delayed or weakened considerably.

    Have you gone through the red alert notification? What does it exactly say - whether the storm will start from 6th or 7th. If it starts from 7th one can think of taking a calculated risk.

    On the other hand if the forecast is serious they may cancel the train itself.

    We all will advise you to postpone it but you can have your own judgement by continuously monitoring the news on it.

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    IMD forecasts are nowadays very reliable. If possible, you may postpone your journey for seven days.
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    Its better not to take risk if you can postpone your joueney.

    Alerts are given only to make people attentive and try to evacuate that place and try not to visit that place but you are still thinking of going there. Better is to cancel your trip and postpone it.


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    My dear fellow ISCian,
    I considered all your suggestions to postpone my move and I booked a ticket to move on 10th Oct. While I was not prepared for the intended move, my good lady called me from Bengaluru to know whether I left home for the railway station or not. I said that IMD had issued a Red alert and I may not travel on the said day. But she insisted me to leave Tirunelveli stating that the Red alert would be effective only after 1500 hrs on 7th Oct 2018. She assured me that nothing would happen to me. I took risk and left Tiruneveli yesterday and arrived Bengaluru 15 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. Hope the engine driver also pulled the train fast to escape from any eventualities.

    Now I am safe at Bengaluru home. I am yet to hear about the effect of the Red alert for 7th Oct 2018.

    Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions that I ignored and took risk to travel yesterday under the orders of my good wife.

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