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    Why do some people work in inconvenient ways?

    Recently, I visited one of my relatives who is financially well off and have some servants in his house.

    During my stay there, one day I saw one maid servant working with one hand on some vegetables and in other hand she was holding a mobile phone and enjoying a video.

    I casually asked her why she was working in such an inconvenient manner. She smiled and victoriously replied - Sir, there is enough balance data remaining in my phone and it has to be finished in time otherwise it will go waste.

    Have you also observed people doing like that? Have we to resort to such inconveniences while working?

    Please give your view on this.
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    These days we see many people like that. Our servant maid will be talking on the phone while cleaning the vessels. The auto driver will be talking over the phone with earphones in the ears. Same is the case with the bus driver also. Even the cooks will be with a phone in one hand while cooking. This is very common these days.
    They feel very convenient for working in that way only. Multitasking is the order of the day. They want to enjoy every moment of their lives by seeing videos and chatting on phones. If anyone is seen the other way he will be an oddman there. When we travel with our colleagues we observe many times they will be on phone more time and we will get very little time to talk to each other.

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