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    Why among many common men the term election has a craze attached to it?

    Its election time and many people are getting ready to watch the situation that is going to be unfolded till the formation of the next government. There will be some interesting turn of events- new equations, new manifestos, new promises and so on. We are bound to see its implications in the social media platforms too, which is quite natural.

    Generally if you ask a common man about politics, in most of the cases he will show his displeasure about politics and the politicians by saying they are all same. Though the role of the common man in any election is limited to casting the vote only, but that is the most important thing in any democracy.

    Election dates will be announced, polling will take place and the new government will be sworn in. This has to be the natural process and people will choose candidates based on different factors. But we see a craze among many people during each election. Is it because they enjoy the squabbles among politicians during election times or they vehemently want to justify their own analysis to the others about the possible outcome? What do you say?
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    There will be a lot of entertainment on the roads. We see many politicians on road and they entertain us with their peculiar behaviour. They make tall promises and they are ready even to catch your feet also for a vote. Once the elections are over we can't see them or even we go to their place they are not visible to us. So people will try to use the chance to the maximum possible. Many people get money for attending the meetings. They will get transportation and food also. So many people will be ready to go. Many people will get the chance to make propaganda for the candidates and they will get paid for that also. So you see a lot of enthusiasm in all these people. There will be a lot of fun also. The blame game between the candidates and the way talk as if the people are not aware of anything.
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    Politics and elections are a thing of general interest. Everyone seems to be knowing a lot about these things and there are small groups of people found everywhere talking about this.

    It appears that people have a lot of knowledge and information about these subjects. Even the uneducated talk with autority and command. They even confidently predict the winners in election.

    The shopkeepers, students and servicemen all seem to be busy in discussing the elections and their outcome.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In India the term "Politics" is a most talked about things among the general population. This topic remained the interesting too as this got its direct connections with the most sought out topics like the religion, caste & communities. This too has got its relativeness with the employment & the rising prices of the different commodities & services including the infrastructures & riots which even can be related to movies or documentaries or with the law & justices which directly or indirectly having an impacts in our lives. In a different aspect this exists everywhere & anytime although may be in a different format & trend. The good thing is that we being united carry the capacity to change the way it functions but still we don't want to be part of it but want to be remained as an outsider & therefore it is suggested to enjoy it.

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