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The owl is known as a wise bird. Well, here's an 'OWL' Quiz, but it's not about the bird at all. Test your knowledge with this unique quiz and have a hoot!
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    OWL Quiz Challenge - solve, win!

    With the quiz alert, did you look up all info on owls? Sorry, no birds in this quiz, least of all the wise owl! This is a different "Owl" altogether - it is about Objects We Love (OWL). There are so many objects in our day to day life which are extremely useful to us, things which we just cannot do without. We do love them so but often take them for granted. How well do you know the OWLs in your life? Solve the quiz, win cash prizes.

    What you have to do: Solve the quiz given in the attachment (it is a Word doc of two pages.) Send the list of answers only (without the clues) in the order in which it is given to my Gmail ID which is – iscmecontests. Do not send any attachments. Once you have sent me the list of answers, put a response to this thread. As and when I log in, I will acknowledge receipt of your entry. Only one email entry per member will be allowed. That is, you cannot send a second email with corrections to your first list of answers. Be 100% sure before you send the list of answers.

    Kindly do not mention which clues were easy or which tough. Simply state that you have sent your entry.

    The answers should match my answer key. Where an answer is hyphenated or of two words, there are no half points; you must get the answer right in its entirety. However, no negative marking for wrong answers, so do try all the clues – wild guesses allowed!

    The first member to get the highest tally of points will get a cash award of Rs.100/- and 50 points. However, a minimum of 15 answers should be correct, otherwise the cash prize will the amount of the second prize. In case of more than one member getting the same tally of highest points, then up to three members will each get this prize, as per the time logged in by the email. The next highest will get Rs.75/- and 40 points, the next Rs.50/- and 30 points. One more prize of Rs.40/- and 20 points will be given if at least 20 entries come in.

    Note: Please do not have any discussions on this quiz. You will get an opportunity to do so later, when we reveal the answers and discuss the clues given for them.

    The closing time of receipt of entries via email: Tomorrow, 7th October, 8p.m. (IST).

    Have a hoot with these Owls!
  • OWL Quiz Challenge (161641-1-OWL-Quiz-Challenge.doc)
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    I have sent my answers.
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    I have mailed my answers. Please acknowledge receipt.
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    Hello Vandana Mam,
    I have sent my answers a few mins back. Kindly acknowledge receipt.


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    I have received the entries of Aditya Mohan, Juana and Syed Rizwan. Good to have these night owls and early bird entries!
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    Hi Mam,

    sent you my answers

    Sri Vetri
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    I have sent my answers to the mentioned email id.

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    I emailed my answers on the given email id.
    Please acknowledge the receipt of the same.


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    Srimathi, Soundharya and Padmini - your entries have been received. Hope more members do not indulge in a sleepy, lazy Sunday for the entire day and jog their enthusiasm to participate and find the owls!
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    The Managing Editor, Just now I have sent my email with my answers. Hope you received the same. I request you to kindly acknowledge the same.
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    I have submitted my entry at 1630 hrs.

    Please acknowledge.

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    I have sent my entry at 5 PM today. Kindly check at your end and acknowledge
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    I have mailed my correct & incorrect answers to your Mail ID at 1715 hrs. Kindly acknowledge receipt.

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    I sent my answer did you get it?

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    Just now I have sent the answers to your email id. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the same.


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    Sent my answers to the mentioned email ID.
    Please acknowledge receipt of the same.

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    I have received entries from the following members as well -
    Dr. Rao
    Rosie Ray
    Sankalan Bhattacharya
    Suman Sahu

    Still time for the closing time - more entries, please!

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    I have just sent my entry
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    Just now I have mailed my answers for the OWL quiz.

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    Dhruv and Shampa, I have received your entries - that was really close, just in time before the closing time! Thank you to all the participants. You all will get 1 point and 1cc for your correct answers. The answers and an explanation of the clues will be revealed in a separate thread.

    Some fun puzzles coming up next...

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