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    Civility generates a harmony in life

    One of the key points of civility is to give respect and value an individual. Be it our colleagues, friends, family members or any unknown persons, a sense of civility should be shown to a person who interacts with us irrespective of the age. If we fight with others and treat a person with disrespect, will there be a harmony? Definitely Not! Hatred will be created between two persons because of the lack of civility. If a person, uses insulting words or any negative words out of anger to others, it will definitely hurt others and will also spoil his/her own reputation. Words once spoken cannot be taken back. Behaving aggressively will create a negative impression. But if we handle a problem or a person with a good civic sense, then we can minimize the unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. Treating others with kindness will develop a harmonious relationship and will also help an individual to improve his/her social interactions. Civility always bridges a gap between two persons and develops a good rapport.

    We cannot demand respect from others. Instead, we can try "Give respect and Take respect" policy. Yes! If we give respect to a person, then it will at least induce a person to give respect to us. If we behave politely and treat everyone with respect, then happiness will blossom within us and also in the mind of others. Civility spreads positivity and enhances both personal and professional image of a person.

    To lead a happy life, one must have a healthy relationship with the people around them. To have a healthy relationship with others, one must develop civility because it develops a harmony with others in life. If a person does not have a good civic sense, then it will be difficult to mingle with the society and they have to lead a lonely life in sadness.

    Civility is one of the master keys for happiness. So, let us cultivate civility to yield happiness in life.

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    Civility is indeed one of the master keys to happiness. But, many people are unable to find that key among the bunch of other keys. The harmony is missing and civility has a big role to play to develop the harmony.

    I have seen in many cases that people are repenting their rude behavior after a certain incident but never thought of behaving properly until the damage is done. From this, it is understood that the person who behaved rudely is realizing the mistake at some later part and this realization is basically because of the lack of harmonious relationship that developed after the impolite behavior.

    A very good thread that brings out the direct relation between harmony and civility.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A nice thread by the author. It is very true that if people have civility in their behaviour life will become a pleasant journey.

    A good behaviour is the key to good atmosphere. Any society where people are cordial with each other will have a positive energy and such societies will eventually progress ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Perfect thinking! You have nailed it. No action can go right one-sidedly, it has to be both ways. It is natural that if one lacks civility then in return would not receive the same and harmony will not be created. Civility is a good connector through which people can gel along very nicely.

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