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    Are single child families the only desirable option?

    Even when the Government of India was so keen on spreading awareness about family planning, hundreds of thousands of families started to have just one child. This is very much so in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the big cities.

    Children who do not have anyone with whom they can relate to and are sort of introverts. The small family norm is fine, but should a family have just one child or two children.

    What is the take of members on this vital question that bothers many Indian families?
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    In my view one child is more than sufficient. In our country population is very huge and until unless we stick to one child policy we will not be in a comfortable zone.

    People may argue that if they can afford why they should not go for more child. Yes, it is ok but our country can not progress if people have such selfish personal views. Further, what is the purpose of more children. Is it for safety in old age. Even a single good child will provide that against three bad ones.

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    In my opinion to have one child in a family is good for our country as that is how we can control our population otherwise it can't be. Moreover as these days when everything is so costly specially the education, its better that we have one child as its difficult for one to spend money on him or her for giving good education.

    I am not denying the fact that when a family have just one child he or she feels bored at home as he or she was no one to play with at home. And the mental growth of that is different than that of a child who has bother or sister with him or her.

    But we should understand that we have responsibility to make our nation good for our coming generation so should emphasise on family having one child only.


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    The family planning is very important. It is good for the individual family as well as for the country. When I was Young the slogan for family planning is " we are two and ours two". But slowly the slogan changed as" we two and ours one"
    The population is tremendously increasing. So I feel one child for a couple is good. This will only make countries like India to progress.
    But like China, the government should make a rule that Families going for only one delivery are eligible for government jobs and other incentives. Then only all the people will go for it. In the absence of such a rule, certain communities are not going for this planning of their families and as such the overall population of the country is increasing.

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    One, two, three or ten children. It is a personal choice, we should not even be discussing it.

    'Children have no one to relate to and are somewhat introverts' – is that your observation or have you got this from the children?

    I agree with Umesh, I think it is better to have one child and raise that child to be a fine human being rather than struggling with raising children and getting perturbed by their stubbornness and behavioural issues.

    I have seen people reach out for advice on social forums seeking solutions for correcting their adult child's erratic behaviour because they had pampered and spoilt their child, when young. You too must have come across them.

    Parents have a responsibility towards their child, and if they can provide positive reinforcement, and give their single child their time and attention then it's a job well done.

    I have one child and she has turned out pretty good, by all standards. She is confident, intelligent, loving and caring and knows what she wants in life, and is willing to work towards her goals. I do not think that her being an only child dented her prospects or her personality in any way. I think she is definitely more poised than those who grew up with siblings. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

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