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Congratulate the winners of our recent active GD on the topic of whether the National Registry of Sexual Offenders would curb crimes against women,
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    Active GD - winners

    There were fewer than usual participants in the Active GD. Three of them have been selected as the best participants by our jury panel.

    The three participants who each win Rs.100/- are Sankalan Bhattacharya, Joyshree and Aditya Mohan.

    Congratulations to all the winners! It is hoped that our future active GDs get back the enthusiastic response it generally does.

    Update- 11 Nov '18- It is intimated that the prize money was erroneously declared as Rs 100/- whereas the same should have been Rs 150/-. The error is deeply regretted. On being noticed, the same has now been rectified and the selected participants have been additionally credited with Rs 50/- each.
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    It was an interesting GD and there was a good participation.

    Now, as the result of the contest is out, I congratulate all the three winners.

    Keep on contributing in ISC and wish all of you good luck.

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    Congratulations to Sankalan-babu, Joyshree and Aditya Mohan for winning the GD. Really spirited performance from these three members.
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    Thank you. I have been participating well in GD. Joyshree is a regular winner by now. She's great. Sankalan has put awesome points too.
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    Thank you all for your wish and my congratulations to all the co-winners. It is interesting to participate in GDs and put forth my points to take the discussion forward.

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    Congratulations to all the winning participants of GD.

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    My hearty congratulations to Sankalan Bhattacharya, Joyshree and Aditya Mohan for being declared as the winners of the Active GD contest. Wishing you good luck to win more prizes in the future.

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    Congratulations to all the winners. Wishing you good luck for future also.

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    Hearty congratulations to Sankalan, Joyshree and Aditya. Well done!
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    My congratulations to all the three winners. A good GD. The winners made very good points. I hope they will continue their good work and win many more awards in the days ti come.
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    My hearty congrutulalations to Sankalan. Joysshree and Aditya Mohan for their commendable performance in the GD. Hope they would sustain the same spirit and achieve glorious achievements in the future as well.

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    Congratulations to Sankalan, Joyshree, and Aditya for getting awarded in the GD.

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    A few notes as feedback as per the jury panel's input - it was a wonderful surprise to see K Mohan's quality participation and if he and Saji had put in some more inclusive participation and taken their views further, they would have likely been winners too. Dr. Rao - it would be advisable not to merely repeat what others say, whether in an active GD or in other forum threads. Please express yourself as an individual and bring your own opinions to the table. It is suggested to others who participated as well that they could, in future GDs, try to present their views/counter-react to others' views in a more in-depth manner.

    Please take this feedback positively so that we have more award-winners.

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    Hearty congrats to Sankalan Bhattacharya, Joyshree and Aditya Mohan for winning the GD award. Well done.
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    The cash rewards and points to the Best Participants have been credited.

    Aditya, you have been credited twice by mistake. The needful will be done by the Admin. Just keep a note.

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Congratulations to the winners, Sankalan Bhattacharya, Joyshree and Aditya Mohan. Well done.

    Nice to note that Joyshree is on a GD winning spree.

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    Congratulations to all the winners. The purpose of every discussion, is a progress towards a topic, instead of forcing viewpoints on one another. I always such contests and discussion contests. It really help us to grow and come out of our bubble.
    Iti Tyagi
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