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    Ganesh Chathurthi celebrated in a novel way

    Normally the Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated by buying idols made of clay for house pooja and biggest size plaster of paris idols are installed in the roadsides by collecting funds from public and bigshots. After the pooja the idols are made immersed in ocean or nearby rivers by taking into a procession. This is in practice in all over India. The same makes problem also in some areas.
    But in a small city near Tuticorin, Tamilnadu the youngsters collectively arranged for a huge flex board of Sri Ganesh Picuture and kept in the road with pooja materials for three days. The picture was really painted in a great manner attraction to eyes. After the pooja is over after three days, when others are taking the idols for immersion, these youngsters removed by scrolling the flex sheet in the presence of public and kept in a chief person's custody for next year pooja.
    This is very novel and not disturbing anybody and away from pollution etc.,
    Everybody appreciated the approach of youngsters.
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    Very good information from the author. This type of positive news must be acknowledged and the organizers must be appreciated to continue the good work.
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    A novel idea. Reusable flex board with the picture of Lord Vinayaka. We generally will have laminated pictures of various GODs or Photo frames with the photos of Gods in our Puja Mandir in our house. So the same way the youth making a flex board and keeping it after pooja for the next year pooja is an excellent idea and we should appreciate the people who got this idea. If, all others can follow this idea many pollution problems will become less. Worshipping the God is important rather than having artificial decorations. How much you are involved in the pooja and how much concentrated you are is more important than the size, beauty or appearance of the idol of the God. These days a worship is also becoming a show work and nobody really has the concentration required while doing the Pooja.
    Thanks to the author for giving us good input regarding Ganapathi pooja.

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    Originally, I am a Tuticorian brought up and studied in Tuticorin. I also worked in Tuticorin prior to my retirement. As we all worship Lord Ganapathy with His photograph at our home, it is also ideal to worship His Flex board image in the public places during Vinayaka Chathurthi. Earlier, we never celebrated Ganesh chathurthi by placing the idols in the street corners. It is the recent culture introduced after looking at the practice followed in Maharashtra. A change is welcome.

    My question is - Will Lord Vigneshwara be happy to be in Flex Board to bless the people, or he likes to be an idol made out of clay or plaster of paris, and get submerged in the Tuticorin sea (Palk strait)? Also, will He be happy to see His image folded and kept in isolation for a year, and then used for the same purpose?

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    It's really a wonderful way to celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi. After seeing a practice in a certain way, if we like it we also practice it in that way. Taking a cue from this celebration, if people practice it for any other occasion then this way of worship might be followed in other places too.

    As mentioned by the other members, we offer prayers to the picture of the GODDESS or GOD kept at our homes and this is a common practice, only during particular occasions, like the Ganesh Chaturthi, clay idols are worshiped in public places. I think this is because of celebrating the occasion on a large scale. The enthusiasm attached to any public celebration is very high and people find all the different ways to make it even higher.

    We are thinking of alternative ways because of the aftereffects of all the celebrations and when a new way, which is very much environment friendly, is found then it's always a welcome move and everybody should encourage this novel way.


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    A good step taken by the citizens there. We must try to introduce similar ideas in our areas while puja and such ceremonies.

    When it comes to environment protection and maintaining cleanliness we must innovate such novel ways to celebrate.

    We should follow religion in it's true spirit rather blindly following the traditions and superstitions.

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    But we all should understand that we are beating at the stomach of many artists who earn their livelihood by engaging themselves in the making of Ganapathy idols to supply to many parts of our country and also foreign countries. Many artists will become jobless and become poorer among the poor.

    Let us follow the Ganapathy idol worship on Vinayaka Chaturthi days, but the disposal of the idol after the celebration should be simplified by not polluting the water bodies. The idol should be watered on its place to mix with the earth.

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