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    Mania of android mobiles irrespective of age but affects children too much

    Though this topic is analyzed severely in many medias the mania of android mobiles is not reduced even to a small percentage.

    Many people use mobiles while driving vehicles though it is banned by authorities. They use the mobiles through earphones or bluetooths. By keeping the mobile between shoulder and cheek while driving or parking two wheeler through leg, they are becoming huge hindrance to the passerby people.

    Parents are just engaging themselves with mobiles as soon as they come home from workplace without caring the children as well their education. In some houses they allot mobiles to them too and they are completely ignore the world,parents,food,education,sleep. I heard that in one house a child got fire injury as she was sleeping in the bed by watching mobile which was connected charging. She slept as it is and got fire in bed through the mobile got fire on over charge.

    While boarding in the bus/train,alighting, without caring the conductor who stands by his or her side for ticket.
    Unless otherwise we correct ourselves the mania will never get stopped and definitely it will rule us.
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    Mobile phones are going to be the biggest addiction of this century in children and adults alike.

    Such rampant use is going to affect the behaviour of the people and as people are hooked to their gadgets, their productivity is going to be adversely affected.

    Behavioural psychologists and social analysts are at their wits end to diagnose this evil and are apprehended by its future cast on the society.

    The addiction is getting more and more in the younger generation who are totally cut off from their surroundings and are lost in the virtual world.

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    Mobile phones are having many advantages and these days mobiles are our offices. Everything can be done from the mobile to save time. But the people who are using should know how these phones can be used for taking fast actions. But many of us are using these items for waste applications. We are not knowing the limitations of these gadgets. Many people will always be with mobile in their hand. Even while taking food also they don't leave this phone. This attitude of parents is making the children also to get affected by these mobiles. A school going child don't know how important is the time for him. He will waste a lot of time on mobile. Their parents will also be busy on their mobile and hence may not be able to stop the children getting addicted to this.
    The students if getting addicted to these phones, they can't concentrate on their studies. So the overall result will make the child weak in his life.
    I feel parents should see that their children will never waste their time on these smartphones and they will never get addicted to these phones.

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    It is quite disheartening to see everybody is hooked up to some gadgets. The gadgets are invented for our convenience and people made those gadgets a necessity in life. The author has rightly mentioned in the thread about the rampant use of mobiles among working parents which is compelling the children to use the gadgets too.

    People are always attracted to moving objects and videos which may be one of the reason to this addiction. Different government agencies and police authorities issue warnings from time to time to make people aware of road safety and the distraction caused by mobile devices, but it seems some other measures are required from the government end. A restriction in the data usage limits may work to reduce the addiction a little bit.


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