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    Civility in Life is Inherited

    Civility is a huge term about which if one wants to opine then the subject will lead to unlimited aspects of human life. Although the spectrum of civil behavior is a large one, the beginning point is one and only, one's own family. The learning of good behavior begins in the childhood itself within the four walls of a family. After a child is born, the process of its growth starts without any delay. The baby starts to evolve physically, mentally and, emotionally simultaneously. Each and every child grows up in their own family environment which helps to condition it in a particular way and that is bound to be different in many ways from the conditioning of other babies.

    While analyzing civility in a human being, I instantly got deported to the world of my childhood. Actually, a family can make or break the future of a kid. I compared myself to my mother which revealed the harsh reality of the lack of civil behavior in the present society. Even my son is a way different from his father and the root cause behind it is the lack of softness in one's manner. Well, who is responsible for the teaching of an ugly manner?

    It's a million dollar question and the answer to it is very fearful. It is the cut-throat competition for survival has let all hell breaks loose. Presently, the world believes only in the survival of the fittest and thus, to achieve a target, to reach a milestone, garner some brownie points, become a who's who, and more and more ambition leads to stress. The way of living has become so mechanical and gimmick oriented that life itself has become a burden on one's own shoulder. Quite naturally people have forgotten to enjoy life like the people of yesteryears did rather they have some ambitious plans to execute only to earn name, fame and wealth.

    Human beings are not immortal so anxiety is a way to get perished. Time to time, we all need stress reliever but unlimited and unfulfilled desires build up more and more tension. We are never contented so we are always over anxious. It irks and leads to inhuman behavior. The brunt of such irresponsible attitude is usually borne by the immediate family the most. So, the absence of civility in our generation gets transmitted to the young ones and, gradually they start behaving in an uncivilized way.

    The youths have to be taught civility not through books but by our own action. If the upper generation does not endorse good behavior and fails to lead by an example then, God forbid, civility among people would surely be a farfetched one.
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    An excellent and logical argument from this new member. However, I don't think civility is inherited. It can also be acquired from the surroundings.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    A wonderful thread describing the actual situation faced by everyone in the present generation and a possible remedy to it. The competition to have all the comforts has turned the need into greed and that is the cause of worry. The competition is to beat the other one in the race and be the winner.

    Well, if everybody wants to be perfect in almost everything, then men will turn into machines and the world will be a difficult place to live in. Nowadays, in many families both the parents are working and they do not have much time for their kids. The growing years of the kid is most important and mannerisms are inculcated at this period. Since a kid is spending significant time at home, the parents must spend quality time with the child for her/his proper mental growth.

    Many working parents stay busy with different gadgets after returning home without giving time to the kids. This is turning the child to hook into gadgets too which is hampering the mental development. So the young ones must be taught civility through proper interactions.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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