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    Show some Civility towards public amenities

    When people of our country travel to other countries they are often amazed by the quality of public amenities and facilities there. Swanky metro trains and buses, unimaginable public facilities and cleanliness are things which fascinate our countrymen and they wonder, "Why can't we have these things in India? Our government is worthless".

    But a million dollar question is do people have that civility to respect and take care of the quality public amenities and facilities provided to us? We have seen the number of instances where a trendy modern Indian railway new coach was spoiled in a few days by the public. We sometimes see new benches in the park mishandled and broken, new shining metallic lifts in apartments spoiled by scratching names, seat cushion in buses and trains sometimes torn by people, some people are also too lazy to walk to the dustbin and throw paper cups or wrappers and throw them then and there. Many times in AC train coaches towel are not given, reason being people do not return them and take it home.

    Though not all people are like this, still it is a known fact that many people in our country lack that basic civility in them to respect the public property. What's the use of government investing in providing high-end facilities when people are are so negligent and lack respect for it. It seems people are not fit to deserve good facilities. Before demanding for any high-end infrastructure We should first develop Civility in us to be responsible towards the improve facilities provided to us and handle them with care.

    People should first learn to exhibit civility towards public infrastructure before demanding for them.

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    Absolutely we should be responsible enough and should care about the public properties. In foreign people are more concerned about these things they treat them better that what they do at their home.

    Somewhere its the mentality of ours as we think its not ours its of government so it gets damaged also our money is not wasted. We will have to change our attitude if we want to make our India a good country.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Govt has collected tax from us and provided these public facilities. Now if we harm these properties or destroy them then we are simply burning our own house.

    It is totally an unpatriotic action to do such negative deeds. There are some political people who sometimes provoke others for destruction and take political mileage out of it. We should be very careful of these selfish people and never fall in their trap.

    Knowledge is power.

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