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    Imagine if you were given a chance to reposition countries, what will you do?

    This thread is an imaginary thought. If you were given a chance to reposition countries in the world map based on your preferences, what countries will you shift? Where you would like to shift it and what could be the reasons for doing so? Some of us might have given a thought that if we move a particular country to some other side, then it would have got great benefits in terms of security, resources available or to avoid threats from neighboring countries, etc., Even though we know it's not going to turn into a real one, I am sure we will get some of the best positionings of countries from ISC members. Before coming up with my preference, I wanted to post this thread for members to start sharing their interesting thoughts.
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    I would like to reposition of India in Australia as its a peaceful continent having only 3 countries unlike Asia. So there are very less chances of disputes like we have here in Asia. Moreover we would not have neighbors like Pakistan and China with us then.

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    I would keep India in its present position, but shift Pakistan, Bangladesh and China very near to the USA for obvious reasons. Further I would place the sub-continent of South America in such a manner in Indian ocean so that the trade, business and political relationships between India and Latin American countries increase rapidly.
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    Himalayas form a natural barrier but I were to reposition India, then there is no use of Himalayas. I would bring India down to the equatorial region making it into a huge island....making subcontinent a continent essentially. Because that is what continents are, big islands. Making India a continent and swapping it with Indian ocean would be very profitable. If you feel I can't swap an ocean with a country...I would say I wanna swap India with Sri Lanka. This huge continent of India, would reduce taxes and decentralize the present government, which would be awesome for productivity. Indian states are way too large and populous to remain city states. They have right to be a country. India probably will become the smallest continent then but it's economy and working would improve a lot according to me.
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    I prefer shifting India towards Australia but I don't mix it with Australia. It will be kept as a separate continent and name it as United States of India. Like in the USA, in our country also all the states will become part of this continent.
    The advantages are we will be away from our enemy countries and all around it will be surrounded by water. We can reduce our expenditure on the defence of the country. The budget allocation for this can be reduced and more allocations can be made to developmental activities. We will have peace of mind and We can see that we can improve the lives of poor people who are suffering by making the country progress.

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    Repositioning a country will only be a dream that can never happen. But in reality, we can reposition Srilanka as a separate state(s) of India, provided we build a strong Road bridge and Rail bridge between Rameshwaram and Thalaimannar. Srilanka can be divided into three states viz North Srilanka, Central Srilanka and South Srilanka and merged with India. Most of the Srilankans know Tamil. Hence it is easy to have Srilanka attached to India.
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