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    How to make Monday a fun day?

    Hello Everyone,
    I have seen numerous people being sad welcoming Monday. Let's discuss and give opinions for those to make their Monday's a fun day.
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    To make anyday a fun day, make yourself feel stupid and laugh at yourself. A simple thing like trying to draw with your left hand and miserably failing; unconsciously laughing at yourself, improves your heart rate a lot. Laughing increases cell count and helps you battle ailments efficiently. This makes you very energitic and the whole day goes smooth.

    So remember, laughing at yourself and a motivation to self is what will make your day a fun day.

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    Hello Aditya Mohan,
    Its nice to hear a response from you. But i don't think that everyone loves laughing at them. For example if a person is in a good mood, he might enjoy little things like what you had said, but if he isn't in a good mad, worse can happen. He will feel bad for being him.

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    Many people never welcome Monday after a long weekend of Saturday and Sunday. We feel very lazy to get up and get ready to go to college, school or office. As far as I am concerned, my career so far never given me a luxury of even relaxing on a Sunday. So for me, Monday is also like any other normal day. My both the sons always blame Monday. They want every day to be a Saturday or Sunday.
    Coming to a housewife, she may welcome Monday as children and husband will go outside on Monday, So she will get some free time. For her, weekends are very tiring as she has to take care of the children the whole day and she has to see the needs of the husband also the whole day. So for her Monday will be definitely pleasant.

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    For me too Monday is always a boring day of the week. I never wish to go to office on Mondays. For me to make Mondays happy is to take short leaves on Mondays and plan a dinner outside with the family.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Instead of making only Monday the fun day, its better to make a little fun on all the days. To make everyday a fun day keep yourself busy with different types of work and when finished take rest.

    Generally after a long week of work, we take enough rest on Sundays because we do not get enough time to rest on the weekdays due to our work pressure. If you follow a routine throughout the week to keep a balance between the time of your activities and the time of your rest then the terrible feeling of the Monday mornings can be kept at bay. Begin everyday with some physical exercise and continue it, you may find some changes and will feel better on Mondays too.


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    Monday is a challenging day for many as you have to go for your work in time and exert throughout the day in your work.

    The mood comes back to normal only on Friday or Saturday when there are hopes of getting a leisurely day in hand.

    Those who like their work do not feel the Monday boredom as they will be excited for the opportunities and learning avenues at their work place. So it differs from individual to individual and is only the matter of perception.

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