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    Movies that inspired me most

    Name those movies that made you feel inspired and motivated. Let others tend to look at it and get their daily dose of motivation. Also list down things that made the movie special.
    Awaiting for the responses.
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    For me the best movie which made me very much inspire is Lagaan. This is a very good movie with a lot of management lessons. How teamwork can make miracles is very nicely explained. Who is the leader and what are the requisites for a leader are well explained? Understanding the SWOT of each team member is a must for the team leader. How a leader has to utilise the resources effectively is very well explained in the cinema. How motivation will help the people to be successful. Understanding the SWOT of opposition and taking advantage of it is another lesson we can learn from this movie. How motivation helps an individual in overcoming his weakness is very well explained. A weakness in somebody may come in handy for success. The identification and utilising the opportunity should be the capability of the leader. A fantastic movie. There are people who gave lectures to senior executives of organisations taking various examples from this movie regarding the role of the leader in the success of the organisation.
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    The movie which inspired me the most is 3 idiots. The way the friendship of three friends is portrayed is treat to watch. I have seen it almost 20 times. The way he explains that one should study what interest a person. If you are not interested in enngineering you should not study it but should work on what you are interested in so that you can make your career in the field you like. How the hero whom the principal never thought that he could even pass the exams, he passed and tops the college. Everything in the movie is very good and it gives us a message that you should have such friends in life who can do anything for you when you ask them.

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    In recent times, it was Sanju. We always look at protagonist as an infallible figure. But we clearly see how Sanjay Dutt painfully failed in the movie. The movie was excellent. And the song "kar har maidaan fateh" is brilliantly composed. I thought this movie would be boring but it turned out brilliant and inspiring. A must watch.
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    I have been very selective in watching Hindi movies, and have my own reasons. But during my tough times, I watched Lakshay. Movie is directed by Farhan Akhtar and casts Hrithik Roshan, Prity Zinta and other big stars. This movie was a mirror image of life of youth who are casual and directionless. Who turn to every option in career based on the fact, that their friends are doing it. Casually giving exams with no vision for future.
    In this movie, whole story revolves around the character, where he gives the entrance exam for Indian Army, clears the test and starts with his training, only to realize later that it is too hard for him to get through the training. he runs away and arrives at home like a loser. No doubt he loses his self respect, and his love of life for being a disappointment.
    The sense of loss, and pity by his loved ones, forces him to become the best and a role model. Infact he leads the nation towards victory in a battle and accomplishes the impossible.
    He gains respect in his eyes, and wins back the trust among his loved ones.

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    "The Pursuit of Happyness", have anyone have watched it? If not then pl. go ahead. In true sense the most motivational movie of all time. Everyone should watch it. With this I would also like to thank the entire team for this production.

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    Long back, I saw a hindi movie 'Dosti' which means friendship.

    This was a story of two friends and was very sentimental and heart touching. I still remember that. The story of the movie told us brilliantly what friendship is and what are the values and lessons we learn from it.

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    The movie that inspired me most in my life is the Hindi film " Do Aankein Bharagh Haath"(Two eyes and twelve hands) By director Shantharam. It is about a Police Inspector changing the life of six cruel criminals who committed murder. It is an old black and white movie, worth to watch.
    Director Shantharam himself played the role of the Police Inspector. I love this prayer song "Ye Malik There Bande Hum" of that lovely movie.

    @ If you haven't seen the movie, see it now.

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    SuN, I have seen this movie its a very good movie. In this movie a policeman takes few prisoners with him to a different place to make them better persons. It was a good plot and many thing happens, prisoners try to escape but could not. And in the last they become good.

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    3 Idiots is the superior and most informative movie I ever seen. Actually I like only Hindi movies. So it is my fav also and I learn a lot of things from it.

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