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    Nothing is trivial or crucial in life, it is the situation that decides

    In our everyday life we come across many things, many people and situations. Few linger for a while and the rest is forgotten, may be because we find them trivial. When we forget something, it means that the particular thing is not triggering our thought process during that time in any way. But that doesn't necessarily mean the particular thing or situation is completely erased from our mind. It is somewhere stored in the memory.

    When again at a later stage that thing triggers our mind, we turn back. Turning back to an earlier stage is very interesting. It may give us pain or joy but while turning back, the situations unfold in front of us in the same way as it had happened. If you find any person nearby who was associated with those memories, you will start sharing and both of you will pause for a moment to minutely recollect every details of the incident. Many things that you found trivial when it happened come back to your mind to remind you that nothing is trivial in life. It is only the situation that turns something trivial or crucial.
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    The circumstances and situations are the crucial factors in the life and we only follow them helplessly. Some people call it as destiny also.

    We feel that we are doing a thing but actually it turns out something else when the situations turn out differently.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes it is the situation which makes the things crucial in our lives.

    Mine case is different I easily forget the things and try to find out the solutions so that these may not arise in future. I know its easy to forget but not easy to erase it completely from our life but thats how we have to deal with the life and daily problems we come across in life. Those who deal with them nicely emerge as a successful person and others spend their most of the time thinking out the past problems.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    When we recollect our old experiences sometimes we may feel joyful and sometime we will get pained. When we try to share these feelings with the people who are also associated with those incidents. our joy will increase or pain will come down.
    I have lost a sister at my age of 10 years and the age of that girl at the time of her demise was 5 years. Almost this incident happened 48 years back and all our family members have forgotten the incident. But in between sometimes I will be remembering the incident and I will try to phone my mother and express my thoughts and the experiences we had with that sister and that will give me some relief to me and I get diverted on to other thoughts.

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