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    These stray dogs have life better than human being.

    I see small kids on the footpath begging for food daily when I go to office. I always feel if there is someone who can adopt them and give them proper food, shelter and education.

    But these stray dogs are lucky than these kids. In Ahemdabad these dogs used to lead their life in the streets. Most of the time they used to engage themselves in fighting and searching food from the garbage. But on the street of Hamburg, Germany they will lead a good life. Now they will have their kennel, regular check ups and good food. They are part of 25 cats and dogs who are adopted by these two girls from Germany. Lots of foreigners these days are coming up to adopt these stray animals through online sites and NGOS across India.

    The German girl said that she preferred stray dogs over pedigreed dogs as they are not treated well. They say stray dogs easily mingle with the family and adopts early with the climate. They also require less rigorous care unlike pedigreed dogs.

    This is very good move by these ladies as they have changed life of these stray animals. Hope more people come up like these German ladies.
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    Yes, I have read the news-item appeared in ToI today. It is a pleasantly good information.
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    It is true that some foreigners are adopting some stray animals and providing them with the facilities and good standard lives to them, It is true that these dogs are very lucky than the kids who are begging on the roads for their daily food and survival. If some rich people or foreigners adopt these children and see that they will get a good education that will be a boon. In Visakhapatnam, AP, Some members of Lions Club are in touch with some foreigners and arranging scholarships for the kids who can't afford the education and helping them in continuing their education. These scholarships useful to the kids for school fee, books and food also. In other places also people can try these methods so that at least some kids will get better standards of lives and education.
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    Rao, yes people should take responsibility of such kids. There are lots of people having lots money they can spend little bit of money for the education and welfare of such kids.

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    Appreciating those German girls are ok because we have heard of something good about them & many more would be evident of their kindness as well & although unlucky but comparing those street kids with the stray dogs can't be justified. But it's a feel good factor when we thought of, " if there is someone who can adopt them and give them proper food, shelter and education".

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    Since the kids do not have anyone to care for them, they are striving even for a square meal. There are many NGOs working in different states to look after the street children, but the number of NGOs are not enough to cater to all the street children. Moreover there are many cases where children are abused in different shelter homes run by NGOs. As long as these street children are not given proper food, shelter and education the country will not see all round development.

    The German girls have been doing a great job by taking care of the stray dogs and in our country much efforts are needed from every section of the society to make the life of the children staying in footpath meaningful. Apart from NGOs many people in different localities take initiative to teach those children out of their own and in every locality the citizens can form a small group that will think of different initiatives like sponsoring education or distributing foods for the street children.

    In a country where the population is huge there will be lots of problems, but to make the society a better place for all every concerned people may join hands to work together for some specific cause.


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    Some animal lovers are so much involved in their love and affection for the stray animals that they can do anything for their welfare. Few people have such kind heartedness.

    The German example is an eye opener for all of us. The problem of stray animals is a gigantic one in our country and a few isolated efforts are not going to improve their situation. It requires a large scale help and support from all the public, NGOs, Municipal bodies etc which can together do some good in this area.

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    It's disturbing to imagine of all those orphans on the streets of any square of any locality & more specifically for a crowded location, these can be seen as a common phenomenon that those small kids for varied ages go on begging from the passerby for their living. It's hard to believe that many among them have been rejected by their parents & few after being stolen have been put on to this job of begging. It's a fact that some gang are already been involved on all those activities which even the law of that area is well aware of but still no improvement but at the same time their numbers are increasing day by day. Are we morally become so cheaper that nothing matters to us so far this doesn't hurt us anymore?

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    This is in context to another instance from the author that, "In Hyderabad nearly 100s of stray dogs were killed by mixing poison in the food", that this needs to be understood that It's not a hated creature but this is in context to controlling the population when exceeds beyond a certain numbers. The Animal Activists is for sure will make a cry for but in reality this can't stop the execution. It's a contradiction that during Eid festival any of the Animal Activist doesn't see the sacrifices in the name of religion but here they have an issue here. Another contradiction is that we created the problem by occupying their spaces & now by reducing the population of those street dogs in order to solve the problem but we for sure are a human being but in fact we have less humanity for the other creations.

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    The stray dogs need not be killed to control their population. Animal Birth Control Vaccinations for stray animals are available and they can be used. Anti- Rabies vaccinations can be administered for controlling Rabies. There are many organisations which are engaged in this sort of work. The Government rules order the Civic authorities to conduct Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies (ABC/ARV) programs for controlling Rabies and stray animal population. Human garbage attracts and breeds stray animals. The stray dog issues cannot be resolved until the public takes up garbage disposal in a very responsible manner.
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    #650149, I do agree with your opinion but often we opt for the ways which is unexpected & at the same time inhumane. We have taken one instance here but several other went unnoticed to us & this is happening everywhere. In addition, I am not mentioning of eating habits of ours but of the sacrifices being made in the name of religion.

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    Absolutely KVRR, this was due to the increase in the population of stray dogs. In our locality too there is lots of population of stray dogs who bark at night and sometimes try to bite the kids and passerby. But killing them is not a solution. Govt may take them to a place where they may be kept or can make them so that they may not reproduce and them may leave from where they were picked up.

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    I too feel that stray dogs are better than pets. While the pets are only ornamental inside the home, the stray dogs are ever grateful to all the masters living in their area.

    Last month, when I visited my native village, I could see a dog following me, overtaking me, following me, repeatedly until I reached my destination. It waited there until my return. On my return, the dog did the same thing.

    I do not know what sort of love and affection it had with me! Why the dog accompanied me? I do not know.

    True, we should treat, care and feed them well. They will be ever faithful to us.

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    #650170 sun, it might have been thinking that you might feed him something but you didn't. This dog again accompanied you thinking the same thing but this time also you didn't.

    Thats right some people don't take care of their pet. I have seen people don't even care for the meals of their pet. Don't take them out of the house for a walk, don't give them bath regularly. So its better not to ha e them as a pet if we can give them time and can't take their responsibility properly.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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