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    Received a wonderful surprise yesterday

    My daughter rang me up last afternoon, while my husband and I were out for lunch. Well, we speak every day, so there was nothing unusual about the call. In the middle of our conversation, she asked me to check my mail, she had sent me an email, which she wanted me to check.

    I didn't check my phone right then, as we were out. It was only when I got home that I opened my mailbox. And what a pleasant surprise awaited us. My kiddo had surprised us with flight tickets to the UK. She wants my husband and me to spend our birthdays, Christmas and New Year with her, in London.

    This is another message for people who don't want daughters. As you can see daughters are beautiful on the inside and on the outside.
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    Daughters are always precious then sons. My daughter is more emotionally attached with me. She is 10 years and with my face reading she easily knows when I am in pain, sad. She is very sincere and she is not very demanding and settles whatever we give her. She is just opposite to my son.

    This is how all daughters are but this is sad we still don't want them and pray to have sons.


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    I have absolutely no doubt in this regard. Yes, daughters are equally precious, if not more. Nowadays, educated and working daughters take care of their parents just like educated and working sons do.
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    No doubt. Daughters are better than sons. I have a daughter and son. My daughter behaves like my son. She loves me more than my son. She commands me. She helps me. She scolds me. She cares me and my wife. Whereas, my son remains in isolation. He is a well educated silent guy and speaks very less only for his needs.

    @ Wish You and your hubby a happy trip to UK to celebrate your birthday, Xmas and New year with your beloved daughter in London.

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    As far as my opinion is concerned, I feel anyone is OK. Sons will also take care of their parents and daughters will also do the same thing. It is not the question of Daughter or Son, it is the individual's attitude which matters. But these days many are feeling that daughters are more near to their parents than the sons. But we are 5 brothers and we are all taking care of our parents with maximum care and affection. I have two sons and both of them always treat me with great respect and they will take care of all my needs and my wife's needs also.
    I wish the author and her husband a bon voyage and good time with her daughter and family there.

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    In our mythology and culture, daughters were supposed to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. Unfortunately the people did not believe in that and always considered them too below the boys in terms of everything.

    Now with the advent of education the daughters are showing that they are in no way inferior to the boys and can support their selves as well as their parents. This is a good shift now seen in many families and is a welcome trend.

    The society is changing and now the people are not bothered for the boys or girls. What is required is nurturing an affectionate child who can reciprocate the same when you are old.

    I congratulate the author for having a loving and affectionate daughter and wish all other girls will also learn to treat their parents in the same way.

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    Juana, congrats! So you are flying abroad again. I always wanted a daughter but got a Son and I am happy because he is doing well. I don't think it is about being a male or female. Please, let us not bring in this gender issue in all what we say. Let us share this world. And, let me truly say that I am very happy for your daughter. She is doing absolutely well.
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    The message I have put across is for people who don't want daughters. You see that as a gender issue?

    There are people who go to places of worship and to godmen and what have you, in the hope of begetting a son. I have never heard of anyone going through the rigours for a daughter. It is a message for those who abort the female foetus. It is a message for those who smother the breath out of girl babies, poison their milk, shove cow dung and rice husk down their throats and choke them to death. Should I delve into some more gory details?

    It is a message for those who think a girl is meant to be married and be in her husband's house.

    I didn't discuss the male gender or make comparisons. I put forth the attribute of a daughter, my daughter, and all other daughters. It needs to be told because biases against girls exist. You cannot remain cocooned in your own world and pretend that atrocities do not happen. Girls are a neglected lot, in most parts of our country. I have witnessed biases even among the educated.

    And thank you for being happy for my child. She has worked hard to be where she is today. And yes, I am flying abroad, again in less than six months, and all because of my daughter.

    I am happy for you too, and for your son, who is doing well. God bless him.

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    This is such a beautiful gift and what makes me more happy is the fact that its a surprise, you liked. I wish to do the same for my parents. But avoid even discussing or giving a hint, as I know, she will be like, no need to waste money, we are happy and so on.
    This is also pleasing me that somehow mam, you will be near. It has been long, and I remember people like you motivating me during my tough times. Fingers crossed, we never know, if we can meet. :)

    Iti Tyagi
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    Madam, I think , you are lucky in the sense that you are the receipent of such a wonderful gift from your daughter. It may be because of maintenance of congenial atmosphere in the family, a better understanding of emotion of your daughter as a result of free flow of conversation between you two and a better appreciation of your guidance to your daughter.
    Your pain, sacrifice and involvement has not gone in vain after witnessing such a surprising e- mail.
    I agree that the daughters are always the source of happiness - eager to do any thing to please their parents except in a few cases where such a smooth relationship does not exist due to changed behaviour of the daughter after the marriage.

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    I don't believe in the differences or discrimination of whatever kind & therefore in the first place I wish Juana a big congratulations for this surprising & a wonderful gift. Go ahead & enjoy it. Cheers.

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    Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful comments.

    Iti, I would love to meet you too, and God willing, someday, we will.

    Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together - Alan Mulally

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