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    Using cooking oil and panneer -- what is the truth?

    Those who are strictly vegetarian are often confronted with news that comes straight on the face. The use of oil is one such. Some years ago, everyone thought Gingely oil is the best. Then there was a huge propaganda to use refined oil. Some years later, even this was not said to be safe. The new thing recommended was the sunflower oil. Of late, we hear that any oil manufactured through the traditional "wood press" method is the best.

    What is the actual truth? One does not know the medical benefits, of each. At least what is told by so many, is confusing to say the least.

    Perhaps Rao sir and others, who know the scientific basis, may please respond. Another thing is the use of panner. I think it is written with the double n in it. The taste of panner butter masala is very good. Even here, some doctors advise that this should be taken in very small quantities.

    Can anyone please respond on this too?
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    Inwood press oil, no chemicals are added or it is not heated to high temperature. The oil from the seed is taken out by applying physical pressure and the oil will be coming out from the seed. There will not be any heat and the process is known as cold press.
    The other methods used for oils are solvent extraction processes. In these processes, the seeds will be heated to the high temperature for a long time. This will bring in molecular changes which will change the properties of the oil. In this process, some external chemicals will also be added which will not get 100% removed from the oil. These oils may have a longer shelf life. But they will have altered chemical properties which are not good for a human being.
    The yields in wood press method may be less but they are pure and there will not be any molecular disorders. So it is always advisable to use wood pressed oil as food. Refined oils are not good for usage.
    Coming to Paneer, it will contain rich fat and may develop cholesterol if higher quantities are consumed. If you have sufficient physical exercise, consuming moderate quantities of paneer is not a problem as it gives good proteins to the body.

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    Don't go for any oil that you hear and see. Restrict your use to only pure Coconut oil and Gingerly oil. These are the standard oils for better health. You can eat, drink and bath with these great oils that nature has provided to us.
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    Thank you Rao Sir. Yes, SuN Sir, it is mostly gingely oil that is used. I guess it is better to resort to the traditional wood press method.

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    Paneer is a Hindi word and going by the Hindi script, the word in Roman Hindi should have a single 'n'.

    Paneer Butter Masala is cooked in loads of butter, and that is how it gets its name. Butter is primarily a saturated fat – not a heart-friendly fat. Paneer, on the other hand, is a rich source of protein and other nutrients but is also high in fat content and cholesterol.

    In addition to all this, the dish also has added sugar.

    The usual accompaniment for paneer butter masala, in restaurants, is butter naan. They are smeared with liberal amounts of butter. Naans are made from maida, which has no nutritional value. It has a high glycaemic index and can raise blood sugar levels. It is also bad for the heart.

    It is a known fact that oil companies in collusion with the researchers and the medical fraternity introduced refined oils as healthier options. Cold pressed oils are the best. They are not chemically treated and are a rich source of natural nutrients, such as antioxidants.

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    Paneer tastes equally good (if not more), if it is cooked with mustard oil, instead of butter or other refined oils. I have no special fascination for refined oils available in the market.
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    Any oil which is adulterated is bad for health. Now a days in the market there are so many types of oil available that it is not easy to distinguish between the good and bad.

    Anyway it is advisable to use some branded and reputed oil for our regular consumption. In fact restricted use of oil in our diet is now being recommended by doctors and dietician alike.

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