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    What can we call this cruelty?

    It is shocking to find a news item in today's newspaper. A very young woman has killed her child, just because of the pain during breast feeding of her child. She had thrown the infant into the nearby lake in Chennai.

    It is sad that she had not sought medical opinion on solving the problem. Perhaps her pain could have been reduced if she had consulted a good doctor. Instead, she has taken the extreme step of killing the child.

    How do we stop such horrible tendencies? Why is that this is happening at all? Can counseling help in such cases?
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    My simple response would be - She must be a mad or insane lady. No mother on earth will dislike her baby's breast bite, instead she will enjoy the toothless infant's bite. If there was any other reason for her breast pain , then she could have reached to the doctor than killing her baby. The story is not clear to us.
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    A very sad news. Today morning I read a news in the daily today about an incident happened in Hyderabad. A wife and husband had an exchange of words on a particular issue the previous night. Next day morning the wife got up at 5 AM and taken some oil and boiled it. She poured that hot oil on the body of her sleeping husband. Neighbours noticed the incident and taken him to the hospital who had 45% burns on the body. He was getting treated and he is stable as per the doctors. When we hear such incidents we feel that criminal nature in mankind is increasing day by day. The humans are not worried about even the relations they with the other party. They are going to extreme ends and doing all inhuman acts. Really these incidents will cause pain to us.
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    I am not sure how or why people are buying this story. A mother killing her own child just because of pain in her chest. There should be something else and I hope the police will find it soon. It is very sad to hear about such incidents. There are various government organisations and NGO's who are ready to take care of child. Government also introduced lot of schemes to help young women during their pregnancy and post delivery. She should have reach out to any medical help if her reason is true.
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    I can't believe it. I believe mother cannot be cruel whereas kids can be. How can she do that. She may be mentally sick. It happens infants hurt their mother when they breast feed them. But she should have consulted doctor instead of taking such a horrible step. This is really scaring. She should be punished severely for a murder.

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    Only, part of the facts has been presented in the thread.

    The woman delivered a baby boy in August. She is a working woman, employed in a reputed clothes store, in a mall, in Chennai. Yes, the woman drowned her child. According to her, she was suffering from unbearable pain, in her breasts, for many days. Her husband and mother-in-law refused to take her to a doctor. She had also wanted to leave the child with her mother, but her husband didn't allow it.

    The pain could have been because of breast engorgement or an infection, caused by it.

    No mother would kill her child, that is what the sane mind believes. But, do you know that some women can suffer from postpartum depression. They can become suicidal and also psychotic, leading to killing their baby. It is a clinical disorder and affects women. So, let's look at the case from a proven medical angle, rather than judging the woman's action.

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    A sad and depressing news. The circumstances in which the woman has done such a heinous act is to be explored by the investigating agencies.

    No woman will do such a thing to her offsprings. Even if she has done it in a rage of fury, the after effects of such actions are very very negative and adverse for the person who has committed this knowingly or unintentionally.

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    #650114 Juana, but still the fact is she killed her baby even though she was suffering from a disorder. We cannot deny it. She should be punished for it. And I don't think why she was so dependent on her husband to go to a doctor. There seems to be something suspicious in the case.

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    Punishment will be based on circumstances of the case. Agreed that a murder was committed, but courts also take into account the mental state of the one who committed the crime. If it is proven that she was indeed suffering from postpartum depression, her sentence may be shortened. Let the court decide that. I just presented facts about a condition that people may not know about.

    Do you think Indian women have a say in what they can do with their money? I know of so many cases, where working women cannot purchase anything, without the consent of their husband and their in-laws. And these are educated women - doctors, IT professionals, Air-hostesses etc.

    I know of men, unemployed after being given the pink slip from IT companies, who control the earnings of their wives. The women have to take permission to spend their own hard-earned money.

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    Thats rediculous. They seem to be bonded labor in that case. This is all due to these women, they should raise their voice. If you are educated then you should understand that keeping quiet against bad or crime is also not good. We can't blame it to anyone when we tolerate such maltreatment by anyone.

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    I am very astonished and pained by this news. How can a mother kill her new-born baby? She must be punished. Secondly, if the lady is working, she could very well visit the physician/hospital on her own, even if her husband and in-laws declined to accompany her. Thirdly, the husband and the mother-in-law should also be booked for neglecting the lady.
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    As rightly said by Juana, #650114/ #650123, there would be many ifs & buts during the time the justice is delivered & this is to be noted that the justices through courts would only be based on factual evidence with the hard proofs by the medical expertise. Although the crime is committed but still the stories been drafted in pieces & therefore let's wait for the final decision from the court.

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