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    What is the ground situation in Rajasthan?

    One is somewhat shocked to note that the Congress is likely to sweep the polls in Rajasthan. One always thought that Rajasthan was one of the best upcoming States under the BJP rule/

    We do not know that actual situation there. One really does not know if the opinion polls can be trusted for the accurate news. However, if any member is from Rajasthan and he or she does know the current reality, they may please share their views.

    Even if the Congress comes back, what difference will it make? Members may also share their views, based on their actual understanding of ground realities. What I mean is the feel of the people. For example, here in Tamil Nadu, we can safely reassure that this Government cannot even win thirty seats in the next Assembly election, as it has become the worst corrupt in the entire country.

    Even some of my own friends, who had been to Rajasthan recently, are somewhat surprised by the news item.
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    The political situations in the states go on changing depending on the various factors. The public is easily carried away with the promises, good words and small gestures. Political parties know the nature of electorates in the country and accordingly they bring newer and newer ideas to lure them.

    Rajasthan is also one such place and the political climate there will be accordingly changing time to time depending upon the efforts of the leaders.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Opinion poll of ABP C voter is in the favor of Congress in states like Madhya pradesh, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh for state election. But These are the situation of now but Whole central government, PM and all minister, Rss , VHP etc will start campaigning and They may try to change the current situation. Because they know if they lose in these states they will also loose in 2019 elections. Also rajasthan is known to change government in every 5 years.
    Congress has history and experience to run the Central government in difficult times and made our country stronger from nothing. Also, stronger opposition is also needed in country.

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    Let me analyse your post; draw parallels as it were, in what you have stated.

    You have predicted the outcome of the present Government in Tamil Nadu, in the next Assembly election. You have also called it the "worst corrupt in the entire nation". Your perception, perhaps. I am neither refuting nor supporting your comments. But, yes, respect the way you have used your intelligence to conclude, the outcome.

    Similarly, the people of Rajasthan must use their intelligence to decide which party they want into power. People are wise and make informed choices. No longer are they drawn by a name or sentiments. They decide based on performance and if the people of a state want a change, it should not shock us. I will not question how another political party will make a difference – rather wait for it to win and then comment, on its performance.

    Opinion polls are a prelude of what's to come, but let's wait and watch what the public decides. And, yes, respect the choice of the people.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    The situation is very volatile as of now. The mood of the voter may change. Many of the voters will never make up their mind so early. They will take many issues in mind before deciding on their choice. They may take many things into consideration. The party, the candidate, the personal experiences with the party and person of any, the performance of the present government and its comparison with earlier governments, so on and so forth. Still, there is a long way to go. The candidates who are in the contest, the party and its leaders will leave no stone unmoved for ensuring their victory. But nobody can predict what will happen. So the results of these opinion polls may not reflect the actual outcome.
    Some opinion polls after the elections may come near to the actual outcome. Anyhow, the voter is the supreme and he will be the deciding factor for the candidate's victory,

    always confident

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    I get to interact with hundreds of people in Tamil Nadu, since I have to anyway meet them for the kind of work I do. This is what I have mentioned as "the feel". Yes, I have first hand experience of the kind of corruption in various places. It is out in the open. So, people do ventilate their frustration and their are too many reports in the local Tamil press too.

    In Rajasthan, the situation seems to be fluid. I understand from Members that it could go either way.

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    The opinion polls are grounded on the samples of few hundred individuals only or lesser which are selected on randomly & therefore the actual figure could vary after the final declaration of result by the election commission in Dec'18. We don't have options other than the Congress or the BJP but considering the trend the Congress party has lost a big deal as its image has gone down considerably but on the other hand the BJP has done a good job. The unexpected scenario could be evolved because of the BSP also fighting with full force & this is without being aligned with either of the parties.

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