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    Do we feel sorry for the street kids or we are just used to it?

    I was going through the below thread that something struck to my head.

    These stray dogs have life better than human being.

    It's disturbing to imagine of all those orphans on the streets of any square of any locality & more specifically for a crowded location, these can be seen as a common phenomenon that those small kids for varied ages go on begging from the passerby for their living. It's hard to believe that many among them have been rejected by their parents & few after being stolen have been put on to this job of begging. It's a fact that some gang are already been involved on all those activities which even the law of that area is well aware of but still no improvement but at the same time their numbers are increasing day by day & woman participation is no less here.

    Are we morally become so cheaper that nothing matters to us so far this doesn't hurt us anymore?
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    I feel this can be posted as a response to the thread already the author linked. The linked thread is just posted and it is active. I feel there is no necessity of a separate thread with the same subject. Anyhow, I hope the concerned editors will take care of the issue and do the needful as deemed fit.
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    #650108, if we take a note on both the threads then the content & the motive & the comparison factors are different in both the threads.

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    It is motivated by my thread which I started today. I am happy to see my thread being linked by someone. This means its been liked by people.

    No doubt content is different but the message is same. I don't know what are the views of editors about this but I feel it should not be locked.


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