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    And here is another news about the stray dogs.

    Recently I started a thread about how German girls adopted stray dogs and here is one sad news about them. In Hyderabad nearly 100s of stray dogs were killed by mixing poison in the food. What a shame as there are people who ready to adopt them and there are people who hate them to such extent that they killed them.

    Animal activist reported the case and FIR is lodged against it.

    I am surprised as killing of stray dogs was banned many years back then how can someone kill them.
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    Animal protection people and activists will never accept such incidents. It is not human to kill stray dogs unnecessarily. We can inform the concerned people so that they will come and remove them from there. But why such a serious action was taken by some people is not know. Now the people who killed these dogs are liable to be punished as the killing of stray animals is prohibited.
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    It's not a hated creature but this is in context to controlling the population when exceeds beyond a certain numbers. The Animal Activists is for sure will make a cry for but in reality this can't stop the execution. It's a contradiction that during Eid festival any of the Animal Activist doesn't see the sacrifices in the name of religion but here they have an issue here.

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    Sanjeev, why a separate thread when you could have added the information in your previous thread itself? I am reducing the points and locking this thread.
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